Tuesday, August 14, 2007
Yum! Yum!
This post full of hokkien slang.

Today my flatmates cooked Bak Kut Teh and Tau Ew Bak! Do you know how much i missed the smell of these 2 dish?? Although i kinda hate the dishes back home but just looking at it, already got me squealing all over the flat. Foodsick ! hohohoh

Ya, so although i grimace at the smell of the overpowering herbs, i still gladly ate everything somemore tambah nasi oy! haha.. Very pass la Monday team. Hope they cook everyday, then i no need to cook ady..somemore get to eat the best stuff like tomyam and wan tan mee...ahha..i wan chee cheong fun..Genting Kopitiam wan.. :(:(:(

The tau ew bak damn BEST...We bought some gammon and stewed it for more than 2 hrs...the meat damn tender and nice and sweet and salty and homey...i like it so so much!! The only thing missing is Eu Char Koay and Yam Rice. And garlic with dark soya sauce and also the black boiling kettle at the side of the table. Hmm...Thinking of gurney drive SongRiver.

Last Friday night, went to Noodle Inn with the whole course except for Weai. My charsiewfan dream!! Hoohoho...You see, so many people right...we conquered the whole place d.. Total of 18. If plus Neow, then 22 ppl!! haha

The portion damn big. Even my face canot cover the whole thing. Me n SYee share also, eat till want to die. Actually SWei wanna take photo of Eugene flexing muscle behind me issit? kekekek

Got roast duck la, char siew la, siew yok la...Damn nice la..

Assignments are killing me...babi, canot finish wan.... how many nights ady working on it.

I no longer sleep. I take nap instead. Many many naps of 2-3hrs....how lah....!!

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