Saturday, September 29, 2007
Scotland Day 3
As i mentioned, we slept in the car for the 2 night at this place called Lossiemouth near Elgin. Which is very up north on British Island. Our original plan was to wake up and enjoy the sunrise. BUT as usual, all sleep like pig la..hahah.. Anyway, the photos that were taken when sleeping canot be shown to the world. Damn ugly wei..hehe After breakfast (roti and jam), we headed down to Inverness again to walk around and have our lunch! Now, this lunch is quite special because it's Scottish traditional dish. It's made of sheep's intestines and mashed up with potatoes and something else.

Sounds disgusting alright, but surprisingly it tasted real good. With the white sauce, it tasted something like cheese and ham with small bites. Then we headed to Tomatin whiskey distilleries for some whiskey tasting.

Fort William is the next destination, and watching the Jacobite Steam Train was the goal, but we were late by 15minutes or so i think.
To most people, the jacobite steamtrain is Hogwarts Express from Harry Potter movie. To get the best view, we need to hike up a small hill. but it was well worth it. Anyway, the railway tracks is at GlenFinnan and the place was amazingly beautiful!!!

The view from the small hill overlooking some loch and GlenFinnan.
This is our whole road trip group. First Car - Vauxhall Astra, our girls car Piccanto and the oil-drinking Vauxhall Meriva. Doing what we always do during the whole journey. Looking at map, use MrTomTom for direction, talking, eating and sleeping.
From there, we continue on our journey to Glasgow for the last night. On the way, we passes the rocky terrains of Scottish higlands. We saw the 5 sisters, Ben Nevis (the highest peak on Britain) and the gorgeous GlenCoe. Contrasting to the beauty and peaceful feeling that it may send out, a huge massacre actually happened there before. Anyway, it was so beautiful just driving passed it makes all 3 cars stop simultaneously without communicating to each other on the roadside just to take photos. hEhe....
To be continued....

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Madrid night life
It lives up to my expectation and went beyond it. Last night, we went to a club which is the number 1 club in Madrid and it was amazing. It´s called Palace Gravia or something and the interior is like the ballroom in those big mansions. The difference is that they play R&B, Techno, House and Spanish songs instead of Mozarts or Beethovens :)

The crowd was full of adam levine and milo ventigmilia look alike. the cover charge was totally worth it, just to stand and stare.WAhahaha... and they have dancers clad in dominitrix kinda clothes, leather clad hot chicks with waist long hair and fake boobs dancing away with 2 topless 8paçks guys in leather with chains and tie around their neck. HahAhaha

Interesting enough?

Anyway, it was a crazy crazy night with the rest of the travellers from other parts of the world that speaks english.

AND! my market share over here is higher than genting shares in malaysia!!! market value... :p



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Wednesday, September 26, 2007
Ola from Spain
Hello ppl...i´m now in Spain..blogging from my hostel which is very nice with alot of foreigneirs which i dont understand their language at all. Interesting enough, i meet an indian thats born in Hongkong and raised inEngland. So, he speaks perfect cantonese and english as well. Thank god for him, or else, we will be better off talking to the wall. HAHahaha

Anyway, barcelona is amazing so far. Like what the indian says, Barcelona is whats best of London and it´s just so true. The weather has been kind to us so far and we have visited most of the places we should go before we can claim we have been to barce.

Tomorrow night, we´ll be heading to Madrid and hopefully able to catch a bull fighting ´game´or whatever you called it. Any tips or advice? After madrid, lisbon would be my last stop.
Leave a comment yah, as i would be able to connect to the internet like quite often. I have like 15mins per day to use the pc..hehe

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Sunday, September 23, 2007
Goodbye Charlotte Court, Goodbye ABF!
*This was written on the 21st.

I hate goodbyes. Why is it so hard to bid farewell?

Without a doubt, this chapter in my life one that will forever be irreplaceable.So many memories, so many moments that has been shared. I really can't find the words to describe it. Out of the world.

Just send off the final batch that will be going on their eurotrip. Freezing cold out there, yet the warmth from the hugs are enough for us. I'm glad I did not cry like maniac, although i'm not the only one crying. Who wouldn't be sad in such situation?

To the class of 2007, Banking & Finance. 2 years has come and gone, all of us has made it through Mr.Wong Kam Hoong's paper in order to be there. 3 months of studies and travelling has bond us closer than we would had thought. We see our coursemates so different from how we thought they were. Airline food transform people :)

Shin & Chua, the 2 most introvert people i know. The most you get from them back then is a nod or few words and now they are the noisiest bunch of all =.= Chua is even the course rep now. Go figure!

There won't be another chance for us to cramp together to have dinner and tease the guys. I miss AhWong and Shin because now i need to wash my own dishes.No more moments for us to show off what cheap bargains we get from Sunday Market. No more night out with the guys at their nice house, playing Wii. Shopping at Fargate after class. Walking to Netto on Sunday to buy cheap grocerries. Playing chor tai tee after dinner is a MUST! Drinking parties, just to get Shin drunk.hohoho..
Friends that stays so close to each other than we were all within 5 steps away. Watching youtube was our best pastime. Bokga Dance is our best entertaiment :)

We will always remember our quirky lecturers, wont we? Mr Cowdell, the one that drinks coffee more than Starbucks can sell. Jon, our only "goodlooking" one. Phillip, the one that always bring a box of chocolates for us and did so many sweet things for us.

We have crossed path in this life, my friends. But it's time for us to move on towards our future. Hopefully we will meet again in the future but no one can be certain.

Thank you, each and everyone of you. For giving me such wonderful memories, experience and time here. I already miss you all. Especially the girls from Flat 57!!! Happy Birthday HWEE!! my dearest bao ba! remember ALWAYS the times we had in Scotland and Liverpool :)

I believe we will be friends for life, not just for this summer or fall. All the best in your future undertakings and you know who to look for if you want to have fun ;p

!!!!!I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!

PS: I'll be backpacking to Spain and Portugal for 9 days. However, this blog will be updated as usual, so come back ya :)

PSS: Wish me luck that some rich spaniards will fall deeply in love with me. Weeeeeeeeeeeee!

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Friday, September 21, 2007
Is this the beginning or the end?
Tomorrow 12pm, half of my housemates will be leaving for their eurotrip. I did a video on the moments we were here. But I CAN fucking get the video to publish!!

HELP please? The video kept staying in the format of Window Media Player Project!

So damn emo now T.T

I am so bad at saying goodbyes


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Thursday, September 20, 2007
Last time already Lah!
Last time for me to burn the midnight oil. Why lah, i pledge not to study last minute every semester and yet i never fail to fail myself. =.=


Uk time 11am.

Final exam paper that will last 1.5hours. Erm..i think i haven't had an exam duration thats shorter than 2 hours since secondary school. How i wished it's objectives questions.. Dream onzz...

After that...

I'll be officially....


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Monday, September 17, 2007
Scotland Day 2 - Isle of Skye
Er, i think i better finished off blogging about Scotland and Liverpool before it became too backlog like Melaka 06.

Somemore Ang seems to have blogged everything about London and blog till so outstanding, meaningless i blog now..hahahah


The second day on Scotland, was mostly spend on Isle of Skye. The place that most people would say is the essence of scotland. The most beautiful part of it. Awesome view, breathtaking scenery, majestic mountain range - The Cuilin.

I couldn't agree more.

Skye is a small island with amazing mountains panoramas peppered with plenty of Loch (lake in Gaelic) and fishing villages and farms.

The place we stay at Kyle of Kyleakin, is a backpackers inn and i was surprise how clean and comfortable the place is. I always have an impression that backpackers place will be dingy and dirty. I was so wrong. And the first night, the moment my head hit the pillow, i immediately died till the next morning.

The blue caravan that some of us slept in, the room, the kitchen and living room. Some travel advise for those backpackers is to bring extension cord, as normally the electric plug is shared with everyone and limited. and Tripod is ur best-camwhoring-friend.

Early next morning, we set off to explore the Isle!! Behind us is Skye Bridge. Unfortunately for us, it rained the entire day. And it was so freezing cold! So cold so cold. Never been that cold my entire life

On the way to find Kilt Rock Waterfall, the most amazing scenery of all time, we saw alot of blur sheeps and furry cows. Hohoho. so bodoh looking each one. They were all marked with some color on their back. Then...

Me: Eh, you see that one red color one..
Hup: Ya, bulleyes to shoot it and bbq ...

Me: ......................

Someone: Nolah...datang period, forgot to clean
Me: -_________________-

Finally we got to Kilt Rock Waterfall. In chinese its called UK 天涯. So hard to find ok. But damn worth it. Was so reluctant to get down from the car because of the rain and wind and cold. Freeeezing. But see the beauty of it...

No photographs can do justice for the beauty of that place. We took photos until we couldn't stand the cold any longer. hahah...

Umbrellas and rain jacket doesn't help at all and many brollies died along the road trip. That WX, guy in green buat macho not scared of cold only. hahah..

A short video to show u HOW STRONG the damn wind was! click yah..

Finally me.

After that we stop by Portree, the main town of Skye where people can just park their dog and go shopping. I found this jack Russell pup, whimpering all the time trying to look for its owner.

Off to Urquhart Castle after Skye. I snack so much on the trip that a friend ask me if my hobby are sleeping and eating =.=
The Castle and Loch Ness!!! You'll wouldn't believe that i was very obsessed with the myth when i was much younger. I read up alot about it and it was one of my dream to actually go see the lake. Still couldn't believe i actually did went and see for myself the lake. Dream came true! :)))

At the Loch Ness information center. With a fake nessie obviously

and William Wallace. Apparently out of the 14 of us, only I know who is William Wallace. I was a a freak at watching Braveheart. Favorite all time movie. Funny thing is that, all Braveheart portrait and souvenirs share a striking resemblance to Mel Gibson. ahaHahaha

After that we continue on our journey up north towards Innverness for dinner and Lossiemouth to sleep in the car.

The time where we wash up in Tesco's washroom will always be remembered. :)

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Thursday, September 13, 2007
Going underground for 4 days!

Harro everyone!!

I'm now in London for 4 days with my friend, THE MAN. no..not the one from THE BLOG. different fella. Staying at The Man best friends place..haha.. sound complicted yah, but close friends should know who i am refering to. no sweat.

Just got back from Tower Bridge. Didn't know until today that there's something called Tower of London, but it's not even a tower at all. Looks more like a castle to me =.=

Anyway, this is Tower Bridge. Very the niceeeee..

On the bridge itself, reaching the highest level of sainthood. Not only u reach enlightenment nia, buaya =.=

My tourguide for the rest of the day. Say only tourguide, sendiri also din explore london before. Take me as excuse to overcome the laziness. Cis. Anyway, still thank you lah!! Use timer sad yah..huhuhuh T__T

And ooh.. the underground is so god damn complicated. Thanks to acs for explaining it to me, while we were stranded at some unknown station. It's like a multi-layer piping systems...I dono if we were badluck or according to him, I brought the bad luck, twice the tube that we took were terminated just before the station we were heading too and we took the wrong line once... like so wtf.

Guess what? I had THE duck rice at Four Season. It's the mother of all duck rice ok! Not even the ones at penang can compare to this. I am not convince whats the big hoohaa bout this duck rice until i tasted it. Warao!! DAmn nice can?!

Will update this space tomorrow with photos yah. The camera now is on the other side of the room and the only way to get it is to walk over acs. hahahah

What's the plan for tomorrow?? Oxford street and madame tussaud maybe.. weeee~~~ excited sial.

Cheers love!

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Saturday, September 08, 2007
an funny conversation between me and a jpa student
when me asking his uk # so can contact him when i'm in london...

after stating a certain phone number...

7:16:29 PM

7:16:40 PM

sounds very..
7:17:00 PM

7:17:00 PM

u later on try both la..
7:17:02 PM
(R)«¤év褻 (R)

7:17:02 PM

7:17:18 PM

i cant remember la bos
7:17:53 PM
(R)«¤év褻 (R)

body anatomy u can remember
7:19:19 PM

7:19:19 PM

7:19:29 PM

human can remember less than 7 numbers in a group
7:19:29 PM

so phone number shud be less than 7
7:20:29 PM
(R)«¤év褻 (R)

i can still remember my icq #
7:21:04 PM

7:21:15 PM

no wonder u r not jpa..
7:21:17 PM
(R)«¤év褻 (R)


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I'll like to introduce to you my latest love
Edited*I have to stop viewing my own blog for milo. *Hyperventilates* fan self frantically! *

Oooo my love.......How can u not love him... He's such a god sent to us, girls on earth... Doesn't matter at all that he's 30 this year. Why does it seems to me that older dude are so much hawter ie Wentworth Miller, Johnny Depp, Tony Leung, Daniel Wu

Omfg! I do not understand how come i did not notice this eye candy last time.

How i regret so for not watching Heroes early!!
How i want to smack myself so many times for missing the chance of seeing him in London when kenetf asked me along to.
How wrong i am now, to laugh at his face when he told me he want to go meet the cast of Heroes~

I think i'll melt straight away like candyfloss if i ever did see him in person

Fergie is now officially my enemy. It's just not fair!! *although i still love big girls don't cry*

how come she gets to hang on to all the hottest guy in the industry!! First, she gets Josh Duhamel as a boyfriend.

AND THEN, she gets to sluts with Milo on her mtv. Arghh....

No Justice.

Forgive my temporary insanity. assignment doing great. just great :) no preassure..sure thing :/

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Friday, September 07, 2007
Scotland Day 1
It has been a sombre day for many of us tarc student. Since last night, many from the first batch has left the accommodation. Some called and say their goodbyes, some left messages on msn and friendster. Altogether it was a really sad days. Friends parting ways are one of the toughest time, whats more when we all know that we might not even see each other again for the rest of our life :( :( :(

Therefore, i shall not delay my Scotland post anymore. Assignment #1 down, before starting on #2, i shall post Scotland Day 1. To our friendship!!

Enlarge photos by clicking on it!

After a previous failed attempt on this roadtrip, we finally set off at 1230AM on the 16th and reach Edinburgh city center at 5am. After so many issues and problem, the worse being that, we nearly had to cancel the whole trip for the 2nd time when stupid car rental informed us 3 hours before pickup time that there's no car for us. like wtf, we nearly get heart attack!! Anyway, because we are so berkerjasama and also thanks to Neow, we finally got ourselves a car.

4 days 4 night.
3 cars
14 bursting with energy, spirit of adventuring young bubbly students that hails from Liverpool and Sheffield.

1 journey - 1 purpose - 1 Scotland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Was so so relief when we see this. Wohooo!!!

Along the road, there was many roadkills and i wonder what animals was it. Soon enough i found out when i nearly rammed into one of the thousand wild rabbits jumping at the highway =.=

There are simply too much photos to show. Over 7gb of files, 4000+ photos which took me 2 days to filter and sort. That's of course after recharging for a record breaking 15hours >.<' With the royal police Bagpiper. whats scotland without mens in kilts and bagpipes eh? :)

Cherry the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Fat and friendly.

We spend the most time at Calton Hill being trigger happy.

Took so so many photos here! And this is with people that we just met a couple of hours ago and probably will never see again in our life. How people click with one another, i don't know. But talking alot of nonsense and bullshits does help alot :p

Image Hosted by

If u notice, at the right corner of the photos, there's a bunch of people trying to help me get down from the bloody stones. It's was freaking high, i was too freak out to jump down. So Malufying T___T

Love this shot.

After having lunch from the boot of our cars, we headed towards Isle of Skye

which took us the unexpected 6-7 hours of drive due to traffic jam =.= Very pening journey. Saw a shop with the most appropriate name for it.

This photo looks like a scene from a ancient war movie sans the tar road. Imagine people hiding at both side of the boulder and throwing stones at unsuspecting enemy. Wahahhaha

And the whole road of Scotland looks like this. which i am not complaining. It was so so breathtaking.

Photograph does no justice to the beauty of Scotland's Highland.

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Wednesday, September 05, 2007
Suffered a pang of melancholy
when DivaLisa send me this...

Miss u so much jaz baby girl T___________________________T

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