Saturday, September 29, 2007
Madrid night life
It lives up to my expectation and went beyond it. Last night, we went to a club which is the number 1 club in Madrid and it was amazing. It´s called Palace Gravia or something and the interior is like the ballroom in those big mansions. The difference is that they play R&B, Techno, House and Spanish songs instead of Mozarts or Beethovens :)

The crowd was full of adam levine and milo ventigmilia look alike. the cover charge was totally worth it, just to stand and stare.WAhahaha... and they have dancers clad in dominitrix kinda clothes, leather clad hot chicks with waist long hair and fake boobs dancing away with 2 topless 8paçks guys in leather with chains and tie around their neck. HahAhaha

Interesting enough?

Anyway, it was a crazy crazy night with the rest of the travellers from other parts of the world that speaks english.

AND! my market share over here is higher than genting shares in malaysia!!! market value... :p



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