Sunday, September 02, 2007
Meme: 15th November
It has been a long long time since i did any meme. That's because i don't bother doing one or simply because no one tag me :( Anyway, since desmond tagged me and remind me again on msn, i MUST do this one. I'm afraid i'll lose a mahjong kaki when i'm back in Penang. Hohoho..

I'm suppose to state 3 event, 2 birthday and a holiday that share the same birth date with me. Here goes !

1918 - Victory' day celebrated in Britain to mark the ending of the First World War
1956 - The first film starring Elvis Presley, Love Me Tender, opens. My dad fav singer
1971 - Intel releases world's first commercial single-chip microprocessor, the 4004. No wonder i'm so addicted to the internet =__=

Birthday - This one's easy
1985 - The birth of another friend and owner of THE BLOG. Does people that's born on that day like to blog ?
1977 - Peter Phillips, grandson of Queen Elizabeth II. Ooo..I share it with some royal blood.
* 1980 - Ace Young. Remember that fella in american idol with the blinding smile? yes, that one.

Holiday - My favourite word.
Roman festivals - Festival in honor of Feronia

Tag - Anyone who wanna tag themselves.. Go ahead

Since everyone know when's my birthday, i shall be expecting alot of presents on that day :)

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