Friday, September 07, 2007
Scotland Day 1
It has been a sombre day for many of us tarc student. Since last night, many from the first batch has left the accommodation. Some called and say their goodbyes, some left messages on msn and friendster. Altogether it was a really sad days. Friends parting ways are one of the toughest time, whats more when we all know that we might not even see each other again for the rest of our life :( :( :(

Therefore, i shall not delay my Scotland post anymore. Assignment #1 down, before starting on #2, i shall post Scotland Day 1. To our friendship!!

Enlarge photos by clicking on it!

After a previous failed attempt on this roadtrip, we finally set off at 1230AM on the 16th and reach Edinburgh city center at 5am. After so many issues and problem, the worse being that, we nearly had to cancel the whole trip for the 2nd time when stupid car rental informed us 3 hours before pickup time that there's no car for us. like wtf, we nearly get heart attack!! Anyway, because we are so berkerjasama and also thanks to Neow, we finally got ourselves a car.

4 days 4 night.
3 cars
14 bursting with energy, spirit of adventuring young bubbly students that hails from Liverpool and Sheffield.

1 journey - 1 purpose - 1 Scotland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Was so so relief when we see this. Wohooo!!!

Along the road, there was many roadkills and i wonder what animals was it. Soon enough i found out when i nearly rammed into one of the thousand wild rabbits jumping at the highway =.=

There are simply too much photos to show. Over 7gb of files, 4000+ photos which took me 2 days to filter and sort. That's of course after recharging for a record breaking 15hours >.<' With the royal police Bagpiper. whats scotland without mens in kilts and bagpipes eh? :)

Cherry the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Fat and friendly.

We spend the most time at Calton Hill being trigger happy.

Took so so many photos here! And this is with people that we just met a couple of hours ago and probably will never see again in our life. How people click with one another, i don't know. But talking alot of nonsense and bullshits does help alot :p

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If u notice, at the right corner of the photos, there's a bunch of people trying to help me get down from the bloody stones. It's was freaking high, i was too freak out to jump down. So Malufying T___T

Love this shot.

After having lunch from the boot of our cars, we headed towards Isle of Skye

which took us the unexpected 6-7 hours of drive due to traffic jam =.= Very pening journey. Saw a shop with the most appropriate name for it.

This photo looks like a scene from a ancient war movie sans the tar road. Imagine people hiding at both side of the boulder and throwing stones at unsuspecting enemy. Wahahhaha

And the whole road of Scotland looks like this. which i am not complaining. It was so so breathtaking.

Photograph does no justice to the beauty of Scotland's Highland.

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