Saturday, September 29, 2007
Scotland Day 3
As i mentioned, we slept in the car for the 2 night at this place called Lossiemouth near Elgin. Which is very up north on British Island. Our original plan was to wake up and enjoy the sunrise. BUT as usual, all sleep like pig la..hahah.. Anyway, the photos that were taken when sleeping canot be shown to the world. Damn ugly wei..hehe After breakfast (roti and jam), we headed down to Inverness again to walk around and have our lunch! Now, this lunch is quite special because it's Scottish traditional dish. It's made of sheep's intestines and mashed up with potatoes and something else.

Sounds disgusting alright, but surprisingly it tasted real good. With the white sauce, it tasted something like cheese and ham with small bites. Then we headed to Tomatin whiskey distilleries for some whiskey tasting.

Fort William is the next destination, and watching the Jacobite Steam Train was the goal, but we were late by 15minutes or so i think.
To most people, the jacobite steamtrain is Hogwarts Express from Harry Potter movie. To get the best view, we need to hike up a small hill. but it was well worth it. Anyway, the railway tracks is at GlenFinnan and the place was amazingly beautiful!!!

The view from the small hill overlooking some loch and GlenFinnan.
This is our whole road trip group. First Car - Vauxhall Astra, our girls car Piccanto and the oil-drinking Vauxhall Meriva. Doing what we always do during the whole journey. Looking at map, use MrTomTom for direction, talking, eating and sleeping.
From there, we continue on our journey to Glasgow for the last night. On the way, we passes the rocky terrains of Scottish higlands. We saw the 5 sisters, Ben Nevis (the highest peak on Britain) and the gorgeous GlenCoe. Contrasting to the beauty and peaceful feeling that it may send out, a huge massacre actually happened there before. Anyway, it was so beautiful just driving passed it makes all 3 cars stop simultaneously without communicating to each other on the roadside just to take photos. hEhe....
To be continued....

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