Thursday, October 25, 2007
City Girl Moves to Quiet Little Village
Yes, never would you imagine i would be willing to move into this village (not even a town!) The only shop here would be the postoffice doubled as convenience store. The high street i used to go in Sheffield is full of shops like River Island and Thorntons. I AM now staying on the high street and it's practically just that 1 street of the whole place.

I was strolling to get some newspapers the other day and i saw an apple tree. I just stood there and gawk at it for a few seconds before realizing how stupid i look. Seriously, skyscrapers i've seen alot, but an apple tree?? hehe...that's a first...

So this is the view i wake up to everyday and look over whenever i want to steal the internet. Oo, this is also the high street i mentioned -__-

And this is where i go to when i'm free. It's a dream home.. :)


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