Wednesday, October 10, 2007
My days in Edinburgh
Today is the 5th day I've got here and out of the 5 days, i dont think i've been out of the hours for than 5 hours in total.

After been out and about for more than 10 days, I think it's time for me to stay home and rest ya. Since i'm sick as well. My days here are very well spend i assure you.

Spend 90% of my waking hours infront of notebook looking at job website, hunting for jobs. Filling in application forms is my #1 skill least i get a few reply back, letting me know i was rejected or under consideration. Few calls that i've got all sounds so scottish i can hardly understand them...better communicate through emails.

After waking up everyday, i will search for job..and search for job..until dinner time when everyone comes home. That's my happiest time because at least i can talk to another human..hehe..The housemates here are very different from the one i had in Shef. Our daily activity is sleep, eat and play chor tai tee..

Here, they go gym, they bring heavy thick books around and talk about medical medical stuff. Last night, they even examined each other..hehe Damn funny and so different. maklumlah all medic students...memang different one...ahahaa

So....after all the hermit days, i finally got a screening interview tomorrow. I don't put much hope in it anyway. Already feel all hope drained out of me.

will try to blog bout spain tomoro

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