Thursday, November 29, 2007
Lama tak blog about traveling. I prefer to read other blog...haha

So Lincoln is the nearest big city to me that i will go to whenever i can(once a week). In order to get there, i had to take a 1.5hrs bus ride from my journey. Previous monday, i went there to meet 2 of my coursemates. For them, i woke up at 630am to paint my face and wait for the freaking bus at 750am in the freaking cold. I haven't woke up on purpose anytime before 9am for ages. Oh yes, vanity comes with a huge price tag.

Then i found out that the bus only goes as far as the next town. So i got down and asked for directions to the train station. I had to walk for 2 mile = 3.2km to get to the train station!! Ok, treat that as morning walk. When i got there, the train just left...... =__= I had to wait 40minutes for the next train at the tiniest train station ever with a weird auntie that kept laughing by herself...looking like this


I finally got to Lincoln at 10am, an hour later than i expect. And being called a Doreamon by the 'friend'.. ungrateful bastard..cis..

I was only attracted to the High Streets but the 2 insists on going to see the Cathedral and Castle. Huh...i'm starting to think all the magnificient-ny feeling of cathedral from me is wearing off. It's just another church. Nothing compared to Sagradia Familia.

We had to crawl up the very steep path towards the castle and cathedral and when we got there, did not go in also. As usual, need admission fees so just stand outside and take photos lah.

The cathedral used to be the tallest building in the world for 200 years and some part of The Da Vinci Code movie was shoot here. Some trivia for the day huh :)

Then we went lunch and went to the riverbanks for some final photos before parting ways. So sad, no more seeing friends again :( This is Mr.Chua, the fella that change 360degree from the person we all know back in Malaysia. also the fella that called me doreamon.*vengence!*

The riverbanks really nice with swans and some other white bird species swimming around.

I had to go early because i still need to work. But the following is from the previous visit to Lincoln where i manage to shop around alone and spend a small fortune -___-

I have 2 prinsip hidup all this while.
1. Never watch movie in the cinema alone
2. Never eat a meal alone out in the restaurant or cafe or kopitiam.

The 2nd prinsip hidup i had to break it since i moved to KL last time or else i'll be as skinny as Nicole richie by now.

So i was really hungry after shopping for 3 hours and i randomly choose a place to eat. This old place as u may notice from the previous photo (it's the black and white frame behind the bridge) looks like nice so i went in.

Kinda sad to answer "Oh, just table for one please" when i was asked but i had a really pleasant surprise as it was their 70th birthday so everything on the menu is 70p. HOHOH

I ordered a latte and a roast lamb. I don't think you can see how nicely cooked it was from the photos. I hastily took it because i want to eat it !!!

I cleaned the plate alright and it was delicious. The lamb was just nice to bit on and with a hint of mint sauce, it's just great! After seeing almost every table with a pie, i ordered one too, obviously. fruit pie ever. Never underestimate the keganasan of english pies, be it mince pie, apple crumble or this fruit pie.

Although i get to savour such good food, it's not good enough for me. Because there's no one around to show the goodness with. To share a conversation with. To share a laughter with. From my eye view, this is all i see...

I've been at the table for one situation for quite a long time now. Going back to Asia soon seems intimidating to me. Asian guys seems to be a whole lot of shallow people that only likes stick thin people. God, i don't ask for much...I just don't want to die a spinster T__T

But a spanish or latino guy would be nice though.. Hehe..Anyway, this is how dark it is at only 330pm!!! It's just insane..

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007
Good News and bad news are best friends.
that's because they always come hand in hand.

Today i manage to wake up at 630am to travel all the way to lincoln and meet up with some friends.

When chua saw me, "Eh, you slim down ady? Your boss torture you issit? Din give you anything to eat" - Sounds like pretty damn good news eh... :))

and after a few minutes looking at me he continue saying "But why your face is round like Doreamon *evil laugh* =__= T________T

Aku umpana Doreamon. You know how round is doreamon face? You can outline a full circle with it without the help of protractor.

The gf did not help much by innocently adding "Must be all the bloating. I heard thats because we don't sweat during winter...."

Darling... although we don't sweat but i don't have urinary related problem right. Store water okla, but why store in my already round like bulan face. Store somewhere useful la like my boobs or something T______T proudly brings you another great episode of "FAT AIR" -__-"


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Monday, November 26, 2007
Fat Air
*bimbo blog ahead*

I truly believe that the air of UK is lined with fat. Or else, why is England the most obese country in Europe??

How else am i feeling fat even though i had already cut out all sugar in my diet?!?

Sugar i.e. snickers, mars, chocolate bar, no softdrinks, all my calming food... T___T

Btw, when i joked that i gave up softdrinks but replacing them with vodka, someone actually believes me -__-" OMG! I am not alcoholic ok...i haven't drank any alcoholic stuff since 2 months ago....I've also cut down on carbs ALOT! I gave up one of my favorite food already which is pasta and bread T__T

I am practically gaining weight by just breathing T________T I am just so jealous of people that are naturally slim or with super high metabolism like pwah...She eats so much yet she's like size 0. i vow to jog/walk 30 minutes a day and not touch any junk food until i go back to edinburgh. AHaha... I want to look like twig next to a whale.

The obssession with weight suddenly dawns upon me. I guess I have been reading a lil too much of womens/gossip magazines and watching to much entertainment news. The skinny-is-the-new-black effect kinda brush on me. But hey, if nicole richie can be a skeleton, anyone can!!


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Sunday, November 25, 2007
Why is this happening again?

Peaceful protests has been popping up like mushrooms after the rain in malaysia. But the gahmen is making it look like a harmful riot with teargas and water canons. Why is it happening again? It's like watching the news broadcasting something from Indonesia. Is this a gimmick to get the name of malaysia to the rest of the world? since lots, LOTS, of people haven't even heard of malaysia before. Like people say "Bad news travel faster than good ones"


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Thursday, November 22, 2007
Before that, todays newspaper headline was:-

HAHA!! Even after the match the people that sits inside the room to comment said " We deserved it" Other than dat, they show discarded england jersey on the floor after the match. And whole page only print " SUMMER 2008: CANCELLED!" no need to go Austria ady u brits. The whole nation is kinda devastated.

Ok, back to what i wanted to blog about.

I think watching too much tv is truly bad. I've been watching alot of tv of late and obviously alot of adverts as well. Well, Boot's advert kept flashing

"tis is the season to get Gorgeous"

and i think watching that too much truly had me buying loads and loads of stuff from them.

I don't know what got into me last tuesday. I was alone (as usual) in Lincoln and within 4 short hours i spend a small fortune T__T I usually don't buy anything at all when i go out unless stuff i need. AND THEN, out of the blue, i splurge. The last time i had so much fun shopping was last christmas.

I guess it's the time of the year where i go crazy for once huh..However, i seriously had fun! and oh god, i now truly believes in retail therapy. I am so happy for once!! This is only part of the stuff i purchased....

Oh i think xmas makes me want to paint everything red. I now have red talons just like last year and i nearly buy a really red lipstick ala Christina Aguilera -____- Nearly ok.. i did not buy it..

Finally i succumbed to the uggs. They named it right. Because it's freaking ugly boots. HOWEVER, it's the most comfortable footwear i had before. It's so warm and soft and easy to walk in. No toe-breaking or heel-breaking in these babies. Kinda like walking around in thick socks. Speaking of that, I've been buying socks and tights nonstop recently. Usually i owned like 2 pairs? cos i don't like wearing sneakers. But now, socks saves life!! I wear them all the time, to sleep, for a walk. Everywhere!!

That's all for now. I hope it snow soon. I'm all geared up for it! Bring it on, mother nature!!


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Tuesday, November 20, 2007
Rain Rain Go away...
Everyday it's like raining non stop. Damn sien. It's already cold enough. It's even snowing in some part of UK already for goodness sake! arghh.. Had to wear wool clothing almost everyday which i despise because i am fat. Fat people don't like to wear garments that show people they are fat.

oo..this is gonna be a depressing 3 months of cold.

Anway, i've finally completed my blogging for my travelogue. Final part of Lisbon is HERE. Blogging about it after quite some time, makes me miss the times of travelling with just a bagpack and friends even more painful. Please bagi support abit as i put alot of time blogging bout the final part. I think -__-

thank you!

since that final piece is done, daily rant on my rehab stint here in the village will resume as normal :)

Stay tune.


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Wednesday, November 14, 2007
It's my B I R T H D A Y yo!!
Geographically speaking, yeah. It's my birthday according to malaysia time!!

Anyway, birthday is no longer as fun after the 21st, agree?? hEhe..I suddenly feel kinda old. This would be the first birthday in my life goes uncelebrated with friends and family. No birthday cakes..huuu.. nvm, tomorrow I'll go buy a slice a cake syok sendiri here...

My dearies will be making their annual shop-till-u-drop-kl trip again and this time minus me plus PLING. OMG! Pling finally wanna go kl, but without me around, i bet it wont be as fun huh... :P wtf

10 years ago, when i was in Taiwan, that was the first time i rode in an ambulance. Fast forward 10 years, i rode in an ambulance again yesterday. Both time also not in Malaysia. I don't want to ride in an ambulance at every turn of the century. It's NO FUN! anyway, i'm ok. I just had to tag along be act as translator. ( Pling, Speng: I don't need to study also can be translator ady! haha)

Imagine. ME! Someone that friends call "kuai Mui" or now translating between a Brits and China girl...huhuhu..Who say my mandarin is bad huh....Hahahah

Okok...back to my birthday. Nothing much. Just like to blog about it... OH! Happy Birthday to Wanster!! The evil guy that shares my birthday!! woohoo!!

Will probably edit here with photos tomorrow!


Nah, here's a photo of the free stuff i get randomly on my birthday. Surprisingly i still get to unwrap some thing..hhoohoo.. Not that bad afterall huh... The shoulder bag, i bought online and it got delivered on my birthday! ooo.. i like it so much and it's so cheap..kakaka... The magazine and perfume is from boss. Clutch bag is free with magazine. and chocolates too...

And also a HUGE thank you to every single human that wished me on my lonely day here. My, people are getting more and more creative of sending their love huh..Singing songs in the form of text, email, msn, friendster, and of course facebook. Special thanks to the ones that called me from so so far away!! So happy and glad to hear a familiar voice over the other line T_____T I love and miss you crazy bunch so much T___T

Thanks again! And have a wonderful weekend ahead!!! <3 <3

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Sunday, November 11, 2007
Lisboa - Sintra & Belem
2nd day was tiring. As we traveled to so many places. All in 1 day. But again, well worth it. Woke up really early as we need to catch the first train to Sintra. The breakfast at the pastry shop near our hostel.

Then we headed to the train station. Wuu, they have double deckered train in portugal. Reach Sintra, really small town. This is Pena Palace. It's up in the hill and imagine a huge bus going ziggy-zag up a trek so narrow it's enough space for a car to pass. This is a one of the kind palace, but we did not go in. Because it's very misty and we couldn't really see anything.

This is how it's suppose to look like. Nice right?? I took this photo from the information board. HAha... Arabic palace in portugal.

and this is Sintra!! something like cameron highlands i suppose, although i haven;t been to cameron myself. Alot of old people here.

It's very windy town filled with stairs and narrow lane.

and thennnn...suddenly a familiar face was seen hiking up the slope. Guess who! It's the ABC we met in Madrid. What a small world huh? and then we met up again for lunch the following day in Lisboa.

hehe.. SHIT i forgot his name already. I think it's Ray or something. Oo, believe me when i say he's much much better looking the day we met him at Madrid. hoho.. And then we proceed to Cabo Da Roca.


One of them is of course Isle of Skye. It's also the most westernly point of Europe continent. Woohoo.. It's the place where a poet describe as " Where the land ends and sea begins"
The auntie is Kiko or Tinko from Japan. She's amazing because she has been traveling alone every summer and spring for the past 11 years alone!! And been to all Disneyland twice except HongKong. hAha..She says she never traveled to any Asia country before, funny right.

It's so lovely and peaceful and sunny here. It's magnificent. Breathtakingly beautiful. Looking at the blue sky while soft breeze surrounds you. Bathing in the warm sun while listening to the waves break against the huge boulders.

This is us again! Self-timed, hehe....

And then we left the wonderful place for Cascais, a coastal town where we had our lunch. Famished!! So hungry ok, had nothing since the breakfast. So we just choose McD. Ooo...i feel in love with the McD, TOOCHEESE, extremely cheesey! and best of all, they serve cold, draught.... beers!!

We love the TOOCHEESE too much we buy them in the airport again before departure! haha..amat Best! and this is cascais.. a coastal town but it's too cold to go to the beach anyway.

Do you see something hot in the photo? hehe

Next stop, Belém! the time we got there, we are exhausted. but, we still manage to walk all the way to the Padrão dos Descobrimentos (Monument to the Discoveries). The famous monument where almost everyone that go Portugal will buat bodoh there. Me included...haha

Henry, The Navigator, his orang suruhan and me... :) And then we were too greedy for the original Portuguese egg tart to walk over to see Tower of Belém. Anyway, it's just another monument made of stones right. hhoohoh..

So! After walking around and asking for directions, we finally found THE original pastry shop that made famous the custard tart. Pastéis de Belém is the name. Go there if you want true blue portugese custard tarts! You won't regret it!

We forgo the traditional Portuguese's dinner and shoe, Fado, because we decided to scoff as much tarts we want there instead. Although the shop is like kinda big, it's filled up with tiny tables for 4 and filled with people. Good looking people :p Like this one. ( I had to block the face of Carmen. Haha..too funny ady sorry dear)

Although most of us think he's gay, but Hey, he's an eye candy yah? He's not the only. Back to the tarts. It's so crunchy that when you bite into it, you can hear the amazing crunching sound. The crusts is like amazing!

Each one we ordered was fresh from oven and that made it more heavenly. Plus the texture of the custard is soft and smooth. Oo...i miss it so so much!! I think i had 4-5 tarts at one sitting or maybe more. I should had more because now, I don't know when i'll taste them again T____T Overall, we were still there pigging when the table next to us has changed customers for the third time!!

And since it's the final night of our 10 days trip, we decided to hit the clubs. We met this friendly Italian girl in our hostel that said "YOU MUST GO TO THIS AMAZING CLUB" 0_O So we shall!!

Apparently, it's one of the best club in Europe. Called Lux, (yea the soap) and it's a warehouse by the dock. It's partly owned by John Malkovich too and i heard the bouncer is damn lansi, just like the one in Madrid. Cool huh! But to our horror when we get there, it's CLOSE! Arghhhhhhh

So the taxi fella recommended another place which the Italian girl also say we MUST go. It's Buddha Bar along Alcântara docks. I guess it;s not our luck as the club section is close during weekdays, only the pub is open. But the design was amazing. There's a huge buddha statue and running waterfall inside the place. Fuiyoh...

So we randomly choose a club along the dock that seems most happening to us. Free entry and it's full to the brim with expensive drinks. We had a great time that night although i will conclude that portugal guys are more passive compared to the madrid crowd although we did get kinda lucky. Especially Carmen...with the cutest of all ...hehe

Random guys that saw me with the camera and wanted to take photo together. The black guy/portugese eye's damn scary huh...but i think the one holding the camera kinda cute.

then we saw this guy who looks so handsome in shirt and suit. OMG! and he just have those deep set of eyes with dark hair. Very charming look and he asked us to go for a drink...Wooohooooo..But after much discussion, we decided not to go..Booo...Got back late but safe. Packed early morning and headed back to London.

10 days. 5 travelers. 3 destination. 2 countries.

I spend about 350pd for that trip but the others managed even less. It's extremely cheap considering we had good food and stayed in nice places.

I would rate Lisbon as the best place to be simply because it's cheaper than the rest, people that speaks english, amazing food and great culture. Of course, very beautiful people. God, well done on that :)

Barcelona as a place to go if you want to indulge in grand architecture or just laze on the beach. 2nd place for beautiful people.

Madrid is purely partypartycrazyfunpartyparty....

One of the most amazing life experience for me so far. Eye-opener. Until next time!

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Lisboa 1
Let's Discover The City That Discover Half the World.

One of the best place to be. Seriously! Food is extremely good and cheap. Weathers lovely. People that speaks English and extremely good looking. Eye candy literally everywhere.

Even the one that works in post office. OMG! We wanted to go back and buy stamps over and over again and pretend to be dumb just to talk more with the cutes over the counter. Unfortunately, they have very advance mailing systems. Behind the postbox, normally a stamp vending machine is attached to it.

The place we stayed doesn't look like a hostel at all! Ikea furniture all the way. Plasma tv to polka dots cute duvets...

and ancient scary elevators. We did not know there's even an elevators there when we first got there, so we climbed up 5 level with our backpacks T_____T WHY WE SO BLUR!!

Really nice metro stations. They even have huge screens that plays mtvs. Damn cool. Each line of train is categorize by flora, sea and etc (i forgot) and each stations designs are different!

First attack on the food. Bifana. Local delicacies. We don't know what's that, but saw alot of people ordering, so we ordered as well. Partly because it's really cheap, bout 1.5euro. Turns out really nice and we got so addicted to it and kept chanting "We want Bifana" everywhere we go :) It's a piece of bacon from a stew in a bun. You eat it with mustard and olive oil. DAMN GOOD! I miss it so much~

Next store sells pastry. In fact, every eatery will sell pastry. Truckloads of 'em and each taste so good!! Of course the Portuguese egg tarts.....heaven.....bliss...

When we went up the Elevador De Santa Justa, that has been operating for more than 100 years, we had a very very nice surprise!! There are actually a band shooting their mtv there..Weeee!! and they sang as english song!! with a really cute drummer in the package...

After sticking around and listening, we went and take some photos...This is how Lisbon looks like. Organized, clean. Very hilly like Sheffield. That's why they have these elevators. So people need not climb till breathless.

and WE GET TO TAKE PHOTOS WITH THE BAND!!!!!!!1111 Apparently, they are quite big in portugal. Woohoo...who cares, i get to take photos with the cute drummer....kekekkeke

If you notice, i have the same aviator with the drummer!! Hahaha

After that, we took a boat to Alfama. By that time, all the partying in Madrid has taken a toll on me and I'm feeling really ill. The main reason to be at Alfama is to see Cristo Rei. It may look familiar because Rio Janeiro has one exactly the same. The bus ride there was kinda torturing, because there's only 1 bus and it's full to the brim with tourist.

The statue of Jesus Christs overlooks Lisbon

and the 25 de Abril Bridge. I think it's one of the longest suspension bridge in the world. Looks amazing at night. Us, doing jumps there. After a while, i kinda feel better...hehehe...

After that, we had a walk around Baixa before heading back. Was really exhausted that day because we just got there from Madrid and decided to call it a day.

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