Thursday, November 22, 2007
Before that, todays newspaper headline was:-

HAHA!! Even after the match the people that sits inside the room to comment said " We deserved it" Other than dat, they show discarded england jersey on the floor after the match. And whole page only print " SUMMER 2008: CANCELLED!" no need to go Austria ady u brits. The whole nation is kinda devastated.

Ok, back to what i wanted to blog about.

I think watching too much tv is truly bad. I've been watching alot of tv of late and obviously alot of adverts as well. Well, Boot's advert kept flashing

"tis is the season to get Gorgeous"

and i think watching that too much truly had me buying loads and loads of stuff from them.

I don't know what got into me last tuesday. I was alone (as usual) in Lincoln and within 4 short hours i spend a small fortune T__T I usually don't buy anything at all when i go out unless stuff i need. AND THEN, out of the blue, i splurge. The last time i had so much fun shopping was last christmas.

I guess it's the time of the year where i go crazy for once huh..However, i seriously had fun! and oh god, i now truly believes in retail therapy. I am so happy for once!! This is only part of the stuff i purchased....

Oh i think xmas makes me want to paint everything red. I now have red talons just like last year and i nearly buy a really red lipstick ala Christina Aguilera -____- Nearly ok.. i did not buy it..

Finally i succumbed to the uggs. They named it right. Because it's freaking ugly boots. HOWEVER, it's the most comfortable footwear i had before. It's so warm and soft and easy to walk in. No toe-breaking or heel-breaking in these babies. Kinda like walking around in thick socks. Speaking of that, I've been buying socks and tights nonstop recently. Usually i owned like 2 pairs? cos i don't like wearing sneakers. But now, socks saves life!! I wear them all the time, to sleep, for a walk. Everywhere!!

That's all for now. I hope it snow soon. I'm all geared up for it! Bring it on, mother nature!!


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