Tuesday, November 27, 2007
Good News and bad news are best friends.
that's because they always come hand in hand.

Today i manage to wake up at 630am to travel all the way to lincoln and meet up with some friends.

When chua saw me, "Eh, you slim down ady? Your boss torture you issit? Din give you anything to eat" - Sounds like pretty damn good news eh... :))

and after a few minutes looking at me he continue saying "But why your face is round like Doreamon *evil laugh* =__= T________T

Aku umpana Doreamon. You know how round is doreamon face? You can outline a full circle with it without the help of protractor.

The gf did not help much by innocently adding "Must be all the bloating. I heard thats because we don't sweat during winter...."

Darling... although we don't sweat but i don't have urinary related problem right. Store water okla, but why store in my already round like bulan face. Store somewhere useful la like my boobs or something T______T

apple4today.blogspot.com proudly brings you another great episode of "FAT AIR" -__-"


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