Tuesday, November 06, 2007
I'm not dead! I'm just in rehab!
Just a short announcement that i'm still here and healthy. Actually getting fatter by the day as it gets cold, i had to eat to keep warm rightt? right?

Rehab eh? Yes! Staying here its like rehab for me!! No internet consistently, no drinks occasionally, no friends to hang out with ! Only acre and acre of fields with some horses and grass. Apple trees, old people, young kids and gnomes in the garden.

I'm in the middle of no where!!

It is so so miserable! Luckily i get to online suddenly today and i don't know when i will get to online again next. I hope whatever i am doing now will pay off handsomely for me!! Wahahhaha..

Yesterday was Bonfire Night! It's like the 9th day of chinese new year for these ang moh so there's alot of fireworks here and there and alot of bonfire being built. Memanglah, since im in the kampung area, so the people here keeps to the tradition.

Last week was Halloween and the kids dress up and went Trick or Treat. So cute! There's really really young cuties dress up as cheese and pumpkins asking for treats from me. And my only friend here told me his friend got egged by the punks. Poor thing.

Well! It's been so far so good for me here, although it's f-ing boring and cold.

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