Wednesday, November 14, 2007
It's my B I R T H D A Y yo!!
Geographically speaking, yeah. It's my birthday according to malaysia time!!

Anyway, birthday is no longer as fun after the 21st, agree?? hEhe..I suddenly feel kinda old. This would be the first birthday in my life goes uncelebrated with friends and family. No birthday cakes..huuu.. nvm, tomorrow I'll go buy a slice a cake syok sendiri here...

My dearies will be making their annual shop-till-u-drop-kl trip again and this time minus me plus PLING. OMG! Pling finally wanna go kl, but without me around, i bet it wont be as fun huh... :P wtf

10 years ago, when i was in Taiwan, that was the first time i rode in an ambulance. Fast forward 10 years, i rode in an ambulance again yesterday. Both time also not in Malaysia. I don't want to ride in an ambulance at every turn of the century. It's NO FUN! anyway, i'm ok. I just had to tag along be act as translator. ( Pling, Speng: I don't need to study also can be translator ady! haha)

Imagine. ME! Someone that friends call "kuai Mui" or now translating between a Brits and China girl...huhuhu..Who say my mandarin is bad huh....Hahahah

Okok...back to my birthday. Nothing much. Just like to blog about it... OH! Happy Birthday to Wanster!! The evil guy that shares my birthday!! woohoo!!

Will probably edit here with photos tomorrow!


Nah, here's a photo of the free stuff i get randomly on my birthday. Surprisingly i still get to unwrap some thing..hhoohoo.. Not that bad afterall huh... The shoulder bag, i bought online and it got delivered on my birthday! ooo.. i like it so much and it's so cheap..kakaka... The magazine and perfume is from boss. Clutch bag is free with magazine. and chocolates too...

And also a HUGE thank you to every single human that wished me on my lonely day here. My, people are getting more and more creative of sending their love huh..Singing songs in the form of text, email, msn, friendster, and of course facebook. Special thanks to the ones that called me from so so far away!! So happy and glad to hear a familiar voice over the other line T_____T I love and miss you crazy bunch so much T___T

Thanks again! And have a wonderful weekend ahead!!! <3 <3

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