Monday, December 31, 2007
Final post of 2007
*edited 364 days has flown past me again.

What did i do last year today? I think i was helping my sister do some last minute stuff for her wedding or something along the line. I know i did not go to any countdown or whatsoever because we(lee family) had to stay home for the hair combing ceremony thingie.

After it's all over, i sneak out to mamak with the guys. So i spend my new year morning at the mamak. Classic.

I can't even remember how's my new year the year before that. If i can't remember it, it probably isn't anything major.
(Infact, i did remember the new year's eve! I walked from KLCC to Sg.Wang with my housemates and back again after the countdown. It also the night where some of the guys got harrassed by gay angmoh. kekeke. And the year before that, if not mistaken, i was having a nice evening at sega with the gang before a certain bitch ruin the it.)

This year, it's gonna be awesome!

How awesome?

Very awesome, because i'll be busy till 11pm and probably come back online and msn till late like everyday and sleep in late the next day in this country with free aircon.

Stress free. Crowd free. No stinking hair. No sweaty people.


Because of the festive season, i've subconsciously stopped my exercises regime, star eating like a pig and sleeping like a koala bear. Not very good news. Therefore, i've decided to force myself to watch the best thinspiration out there!!

Behold! Victoria Secret Fashion Show!

Looking at the models, make me wanna throw all my junk food away and run 10miles a day. or simply drown myself with tears.

Now everyone have a nice new year! :)

Plays Mika - Big Girls You Are Beautiful. dum dum dum....

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Friday, December 28, 2007
Come 2008
Was thinking what to blog first, my wonderful trip to birmingham, the yearly wrap up/resolution post or my "miserable" christmas.

and then, i think if i don't start wrapping things up, it will be 2008 already. In 4 more days. 3 for malaysian. hahaha.

This year must have been the most amazing and full with achievements to my, by far.

2007 started off with a
BANG for me. My only sister got married on new years day.. Woohoo! And i am still a student, pulling her hair out when it's nearer to exam dates in KL. Then come the dreadful moment of ending my stint in KL and moving back to penang for good.

My blog counter went sky high when it was plug in for winning his little competition on Penang food list. It was one of the highlight for me from blogging for 4 years.

Then i got a job in AMD together with my ex roomate in the same department. Had a great time working with those guys as without them, my working life is so bleak. Staring at screensaver 9-5 for a week can drive anyone mad. With them, i improved my pingpong, badminton and bowling skills.

May is one of my happiest moment in my life when i know that I'll be graduating! Attending my first ever convocation was ecstatic. Hot, sweaty but...ecstatic :) Ooo..i am already so looking forward to my degree convocation next year already.

But before my graduation, it was one of the most crucial moment in my life. The turning point in my life. It was very difficult for me to be where i am right now. After much obstacles only do i get to come to the place of my dream.

Needless to say, i spend the 2nd half of 2007 in UK. I've been wanting to come here since i'm small after being a devoted fan of Enid Blyton. Coincidently, i am now living in a place called Blyton. Spooookkyyy.

I've never travelled so much in a year before in my young life. I know i am really fortunate to have made it so far and seen so much at my age, therefore i am really grateful to my family for supporting me. And also allowing me so much freedom before i get here, in a way, it helps alot when arriving in a foreign land.

Now i know i am capable of being independent. Really independent. My appetite for traveling is now bigger than before ever since traveling to spain and portugal and transporting on the train alone in england for the past 3 months.

It had been an awesome 2007 for me. Probably the best year in my life to date as i have experienced and grown so much within 1 short year.

Come 2008, i will be traveling intensively before it's even February.

My 2008 resolution is simple.

Live each day at a time and make the fullest out of it.

Happy New Year to everyone!!!! A blessed great year full speed ahead.



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Sunday, December 23, 2007
Archives Reading & Merry Christmas
I've been reading a few months of my own blog tonight and then i realize that i sounded really really loud and rude in the past. No wonder people who read my blog first and then met me says that i am quite different from how i project myself in my blog. Now i understand.

From what i read, a year ago, i sounded really childish and i don't like how i blog stuff. If i am a reader from nowhere, i would have click the X the second minute. My god, i sound really annoying back then, don't i. I hope i don't sound annoying now. hahah.. But by blogging, it also help me track how i've change throughout the times and remind me of things that might have slip from my mind. It also reminds me of the times i had with my friends and makes me relives the moment that i spend doing things i love.

This might be one of the most difference Christmas for most of us. We have spend every single christmas together as a group of friends since 2001. This year, the girls will be spending it with their other halves and "inlaws" and the boys..well, just went to singapore to have some fun. I wonder will the month of celebration will now be limited selected people from now on? It really shows that we are no longer bubble head teenagers who wants to go out and get covered with confetti(i never like tat anyway)

It's time for us to celebrate in peace and harmony, with a beautiful glass of wine, sitting at home and watching chrismas tv with your love ones. OMG....i am still too young at heart to do that. Muahah. Just that i don't have any other option this year except sleep and be good when in my host family house.

I miss the 2005 christmas in KL....really really miss it although i would never ever go to SG.Wang on any celebration night again. I miss singing carols while heading spontaneously to Genting with only a thin cardigan.

I might be having a sucky and freezing(hopefully white) Christmas this year but i wish everyone a Great Christmas, a Merry and Joyous one and many more in the future :)

Have a wonderful kiss-mas!! :D


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Saturday, December 22, 2007
My only wish
I only wish to get a hug from someone i love from home..a warm lick from my dog, Jaz...her nuzzling with me at night.

Previously i planned to sleep away christmas. change of plan. add 1 huge bottle of whisky. Gonna pass out in bed drowning in my own sorrows. I miss everyone back home so much suddenly...

This is the first time where i feel really homesick. It took 6months to hit me. Must be because it's now so so near christmas and me just left birmingham.

I hate the feeling not knowing when will i see those i love again. It suxs! It suxs!!!

Hopefully a pint of haagen daaz can cheer me up. for the moment.


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Monday, December 17, 2007
7 days to Christmas
*** Today someone complimented me!! She say i look like 18!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! huahuahuahahu

" Are you prepared for Christmas already?"

That's the question i get asked really often here. Normally i will just answer Yes with a smile to stop them for asking anymore. But to be honest, what is there for me to prepare for? Is there really a Santa Claus coming down the chimney(yes, this hse has got chimney) with a bag full of present for me? I got no one to give presents to this year. No parties or dinner to attend. So there's nothing much for me to prepare for.

However after saying that, i am so prepared for this year Christmas. Putting on some thick sock, i will be sleeping through Xmas with some well stocked series of Friends in my hard disk.hahah

Last year this time, i recalled the things that happen to me in 2006. I guessed i've gone beyond my expectation this year. I would never had guessed i will be where i am in a million years.

I'll try to do a post on that someday when i am free or not lazy. I also missed seeing the christmas decorations in KL malls. They always outdo themselves every year. This year i have yet to see any blog posting up photos on them except for pavillion. hmm.. I still remember Midvalley had the sweetest christmas last year. I went like everyday of the week and took so many photos of them. Photos which i held dear to...hahhaha

The ang moh's really go all out when it comes to decorating their houses for this season. You will be inflated giant santa, or reindeer outside their gardens. The lighting hanging around the house is enough to bright up the whole streets too. I'll try to take some photos if i can.

Tomorrow i'll be heading out to conquer another city in UK. Birmingham, that is! No more kampung for the next 3 days. Hurrah...

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I am a closet Spice Girls fan.
My previous post on the x factor was so lame i just had to delete it. Anyway, i am just really glad that Leon won it! W00T to the future Michael Buble successor.

Right. Back to this post.

First Backstreet's back, followed by Take That back for good and then Boyzone...

No surprise when Spice Girls back together for their mega world tour, the tv's has been blaring their old mtv and songs all over again. Which also means, i get to sing along to all the song i love so much in the times when i was still short and thin.

I used to own so much of their memorablia and of course all their albums. Not forgetting Spiceworld the movie! haha..i love watching it over and over again. My favourite song from them was The Lady is a Vamp and Say You'll be There. Their first and second album rocks!

I can still sing to Wannabe without missing a beat..huhuh...i think it's something to be proud off since i am so bad at remembering stuff.

Anyway, i was thinking of going to their concert since i am in uk. But when i check out their concert dates, most of the tickets are already sold out even though it's really expensive at 75pd for the cheapest one. Then i checked on eBay...

Guess how much they are selling there?

200pd per ticket....*vomits blood*

and as for the first ever show in London last night, the tickets are as valuable as gold dust. I bet it is even more expensive than gold dust. The newspaper reports today that the tickets were selling at 1000pd in the market.

1000pd = RM7000 = Rupiah 1,970, 5975


i shall resort to singing along to them on youtube or winamp...



Here's a question..

What do you call a happy burger?


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Thursday, December 13, 2007
Back to Sheffield
I believe to many of SHU students from TAR, we would have consider Sheffield as home away from home. Rightfully, since its the first place we settle down in uk.

That's why when i planned to go Meadowhall for some serious damage to my bank balance, a friend invited me to go Sheffield, without thinking twice, i find myself on the train heading towards Sheffield once again.

(I started writing that 2 paragraph above 2 days ago, and i will try to finish it today 15/12/07 -__-)

So i reached Sheffield and decided to register myself for the convo next year. yay! get to pretend to be hermoine again and feel graduated again. nay! 50pd gone just like tat. *poof* SHU looks so different now from summer. It's full of students and they are not all ah chah. Vibrants and busy instead of quiet and filled with msians or ah chahs..

After that, me and my host, ThienPing who also just got his pay check did some serious store raiding. Oh, how i miss FarGate! I never thought i will miss it so much. There's a 1-Day only sale for coat in H&M that day. So i got myself a shawl collared coat. I mean, it's a necessity right? I wouldn't want to torment myself during these horrible winter cold. I would say it's a steal, for coat like tat with that price :) :)

We had lunch at this Yorkshire Pudding place that shean once told me about. This is the Yorkshire Pudding that doesn't look like pudding and looks lousy but taste amazing with the gravy smelling heavenly.

I just had some plain mushroom and ham omelette.

and then i finally got myself a pair of shoes my size after searching at 3 M&S stores -__- Anyway, Sheffield is beautifully lit up, all ready for the magical season. I've only got 1 photo near cityhall because we wanted to take more photos at night, i guess we left the house too late, it's all dark and gloomy by the time we reach peace garden T___T

Oo..besides being a great host, TP is also a great chef!!! He actually cooked dinner for us and his housemates. Hoho. Why most of my guy friends are such great chef? Last time, donovan once cooked a full dinner for us girls. Great effort, mate. And i have 1 friend, weelee who makes amazing potato salad and is it fettuccine cabonara?

So while he busy away, i just take photos and chit chat..ahaha..u see how fast he chops up the onion. If i go at that rate, the only thing i'll be chopping is my fingers wtf.

Dinner is served! Eh, no need to go restaurant well made and decorated. With ben&jerry ice cream as dessert which unfortunately for me, too full to eat anymore.

me n tp, the host, of course with the food.

Later on, there's this Chinese christmas party at Embrace. Off we go without question, decked out in my new shoes and top. Since semester has begun in universities, students are flooding back into the clubbing scene.

Maybe because it's tuesday night, the party was a flop. But it's still filled with fabulously dressed chinese/taiwanese girls. During the whole time, i was thinking, Kenny will kill to be here. Hahahaha.. The girls really dress to kill. and dances .... like people in mtv or strip club. i dono. with their super short skirt and boots and white shirt tied at the waist. With so many guys that wants to be Justin timberlake...shirts, thin ties, waistcoat, trilby hat and popping and locking was all over the place!!

For me, well..i suppose i already damn berkarat. I dont know how to dance or simply because i don't have my dearies around me? I am so kaku and stood there and watching people almost the whole night. I think i enjoy watching those people dance more. Where did these people learn to dance like that? From mtv i suppose huh... Despite that, i am happy to stay my tolerance to alcohol did not karat...HAHAHAHA

Oh! Oh, i also met a friend there. One of the smartest friend i have...hehehe..phdholdertobe! Glad meeting up with u

and a photo with TP

we end the night eating kebab...and waking up to a lovely meal at a Vietnamese restaurant. The famous koey teow and bean sprout

and the spring rolls..

Before i headed for the same ol boring life i have now.

Where will i be going next?? Look out for my next travelogue :)

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007
Mindless Rambling
Lazy to think for a title lah ...

Hie Dad, are you still reading my blog? If you are, HIE! You know parents and siblings should be banned from reading blogs? Anyway, since i am so far away from home, i shall allow you to read it. At least until i am home. Then you shall be ban from my blog. Hahahaha...

Last year this time, i was just coming back
from camping with friends. I heard this year Suplex was kinda sad huh...of course not there..hohoh.. noler..

Still miss you guys so much.

A year has passed through without much realizing it. It seems like a week has just passed when me and my group handed over the SIFS work to Mr.Tho. Now, we have all travelled 14hrs across the globe and graduated yet again. hooho...

Christmas is in 14 days! Is the shopping done?? I don't need to buy any this year as I won't be meeting anyone i care enough i suppose. Everyone is telling me "Wah, I'm so envy of you. Get to spend xmas in uk~~" whats so nice about it when you spend it alone, without friends or family or the atmosphere we are ohso familiar with(club)? Christmas is uk is a boring event for most because there will be absolutely no public transport and most of the shops will be shut as well. Everyone will be sitting at home watching christmas tv(thats all brits do) and eating leftover puddings. WilliamT, ACS and flowermonster all will be ski-ing in France *jelesjelesjeles* so during christmas i won't have much friend in UK T___T

Its -2degree outside now. Tomorrow's my offday and here i am hiding under my duvet rambling away to my poor blog. Going grimsby tomorrow for a small dinner and socialize with aunties/uncles thats friends with my aunt/uncle -__- Yup, another small unknown town. I am getting good at introducing small unknown towns of England to people now. Hohoho..Not any of those mainstream places. I suppose it's one of my hidden talent. wtf...

I had the weirdest dream the other night, its so weird and hauntingly real i can still remember it. I dreamed that i was back home in Penang. Sitting on the familiar couch with my brother being himself and Jaz jumping all over me. Still puzzled, i asked my dad why am i here? Back so soon? He say yeah, you are back here for good! :) I see myself panicking, Oh No, why so soon! I haven't witness my first snowfall, my first snowman, my first snowflake. My stopover in Dubai, how would i explain to Jin for not coming back together? While all these thoughts ran through my dreamself, i jolted up awake. Seriously, like those feeling you fell down a cliff. Suddenly it dawns to me, i will be leaving this place sooner or later.There's still so many places calling out to me to explore them. I might never come back here and i know i will feel very VERY heavy hearted when i do leave this place i've called home when i buy stuff eBay or for the pass 6 months.

Been really distracted from blogging recently. Most of the blogs i used to read aren't as good as how it used to be. Blogging now seems like a norm, something like what everyone must have. Force to have. or something like tat. Not much genuine readers out there also. All also blog hopping in hopes of getting the favor been return so they can have higher numbers of visitors = more $ from ads. Lazy to work my brain for words.

Many things running through my bimbo brain now. Europe continent is so so near yet it seems so far from me. Is this my only opportunity in life to go there carefree? It would be very irresponsible for me to make such hasty decision. I always feel that we have to live life to the fullest, make everyday as if it's your last. Yet by doing so i feel so salah towards DivaLisa(for dono watreason also) lisa, don't need to call me and question me anything about it. Its just a thought.

Tada everyone.

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Thursday, December 06, 2007
Tv Show on hold
One of the best time waster is to watch series. I follow plenty of series like Heroes , prison break, ANTM, Ugly Betty, project runway and desperate housewives because i have got plenty of time on hand.

But i guess this coming december and january will be a very dull one as most of the series has stop shooting. All except Prison Break i think. Because prison break is having their usual break and will resume showing next year.

The rest gonna stop shooting because the writers strike in NY is not over yet! OMG ! i need my daily dose of drama... T_______T

Anyway, this post is not going the way i intended it to be. Sound sien right? So i shall inject some excitement in the form of they cutest nerd ever!!


Henry from Ugly Betty! He's cute enough with clothes on...

but ...without any one...he sizzles ok......

OooLaLaaa! Nuff said!

And then with Heroes season finale showing this week as in ALREADY? It's not even 24 episode. Not even a season yet.... and this season is just so amazing minus the boring twins that crys black tears and i just hate the lightning girl. Beats prison break anytime i reckon.

I shall miss my eye candy Peter Petrelli the most. Reminder of how hot he looks.


I was watching desperate housewives last night and it was one of the best way to end an episode!

For the last 10 minutes or so, i was going OMG OMG OMG OMG and i so dont want it to end! Can't wait for the next episode and i so hope that they already film that before the strike!! I dont wan to wait till january to see what has the tornado done to Fairview!

Best series, after Sex and the city and and friends! And i love this scene from SATC the most! the moonriver song playing. such a romantic yet saddening scene, knowing Mr.Big will be leaving again...Sex and the City: The movie would be one of the most anticipated movie for me next year. Mr. Big would always be one of my favorite character forever.

I hope to update my sheffield trip asap but im gonna decorate my first xmas tree tonite! Weeee!!!


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Sunday, December 02, 2007
American blonde strikes again!
After the Miss Carolina incident, here's another that i personally believe makes miss carolina a genius comparing to this blonde, kelly pickler.

Europe is a country and french is the official language. AHaha..Even a fifth grader is much smarter than her.
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Random Mix of everything
In a long long time, i'm gonna blog about something that happen today. Uploading photos i took today. I'm back to the efficient me! Wee..

Have you seen Katie Holmes new hair? I think it's just a wig but it's funny the way put it. Look! He's comparing her to the super emo/cute melon cat that's been around like forever. Katie holmes stole meloncat look...HAhaha


It's one of my daily routine to check my facebook now although i still don't know my way around it. I get so many request for stupid things that i don't even bother to click Ignore now.

and today i get this message from a stranger. I feel it's so retarded for someone like his age(1979) to send something like this lo...
so how r u lately? wat u been up to? so wat u usually do on ur weekend? must be shopping ya or hang out with friend yam char?

since we meet here, mind that we keep in touch by sms or sometime when feel free can give u a call to chit chat with u? cos i prefer to keep in touch by this way. mind that i get ur contact? my no ------------ so when me at pg can ask u for cup of coffee mah..
Hope to receive ur sms sometime ya. keep in touch...
AS IF i will give my number to him. Even if i am in msia, i wouldn't have waste my time keeping in touch with him..Ewww..damn chikopek la some people...


Woohoo..Today i woke up to one of the loveliest weather in weeks! Not wanting to waste anymore time (actually i used 1hr to defreeze from bed ady,haha), i put on a hoodie and ran out. Hoo! I shall take you through my running jogging walking route.

First, i will start walking along the main street. Run abit when i see some car so i won't be so malu..

This 2 smelly cat was always sitting on the window sill sun bathing. EVERY SINGLE TIME without fail. Today both curl up and sleep pulak. Damn cute.

Then i'll come to to the end of the village (fast right) and walk around paths like this.

On the right it's just fields after fields of potatoes or wheat i think. Abit sien after a while.

Walk abit further, you'll see stupid looking sheep grazing grass and looking lazy. You see the white white dots in the photos, that's the sheep. They are getting fat and wooly for the winter too. Like us human, getting fat and put on layers of wooly clothes.

And then my mp3 will go "Beep Beep Beep", signalling me that i've walked 30minutes already. Time to go retrace my tracks and go home online be boring again. My tired, panting, fat face.. Around no other human detected, so i can be silly..

So people, that's how my kampung looks like. 40minutes can cover everything by my speed. Hahaha... Still envy my life here? Come here for 1 week, you'll go insane.

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