Monday, December 17, 2007
I am a closet Spice Girls fan.
My previous post on the x factor was so lame i just had to delete it. Anyway, i am just really glad that Leon won it! W00T to the future Michael Buble successor.

Right. Back to this post.

First Backstreet's back, followed by Take That back for good and then Boyzone...

No surprise when Spice Girls back together for their mega world tour, the tv's has been blaring their old mtv and songs all over again. Which also means, i get to sing along to all the song i love so much in the times when i was still short and thin.

I used to own so much of their memorablia and of course all their albums. Not forgetting Spiceworld the movie! haha..i love watching it over and over again. My favourite song from them was The Lady is a Vamp and Say You'll be There. Their first and second album rocks!

I can still sing to Wannabe without missing a beat..huhuh...i think it's something to be proud off since i am so bad at remembering stuff.

Anyway, i was thinking of going to their concert since i am in uk. But when i check out their concert dates, most of the tickets are already sold out even though it's really expensive at 75pd for the cheapest one. Then i checked on eBay...

Guess how much they are selling there?

200pd per ticket....*vomits blood*

and as for the first ever show in London last night, the tickets are as valuable as gold dust. I bet it is even more expensive than gold dust. The newspaper reports today that the tickets were selling at 1000pd in the market.

1000pd = RM7000 = Rupiah 1,970, 5975


i shall resort to singing along to them on youtube or winamp...



Here's a question..

What do you call a happy burger?


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