Tuesday, December 11, 2007
Mindless Rambling
Lazy to think for a title lah ...

Hie Dad, are you still reading my blog? If you are, HIE! You know parents and siblings should be banned from reading blogs? Anyway, since i am so far away from home, i shall allow you to read it. At least until i am home. Then you shall be ban from my blog. Hahahaha...

Last year this time, i was just coming back
from camping with friends. I heard this year Suplex was kinda sad huh...of course ler...me not there..hohoh.. noler..

Still miss you guys so much.

A year has passed through without much realizing it. It seems like a week has just passed when me and my group handed over the SIFS work to Mr.Tho. Now, we have all travelled 14hrs across the globe and graduated yet again. hooho...

Christmas is in 14 days! Is the shopping done?? I don't need to buy any this year as I won't be meeting anyone i care enough i suppose. Everyone is telling me "Wah, I'm so envy of you. Get to spend xmas in uk~~" whats so nice about it when you spend it alone, without friends or family or the atmosphere we are ohso familiar with(club)? Christmas is uk is a boring event for most because there will be absolutely no public transport and most of the shops will be shut as well. Everyone will be sitting at home watching christmas tv(thats all brits do) and eating leftover puddings. WilliamT, ACS and flowermonster all will be ski-ing in France *jelesjelesjeles* so during christmas i won't have much friend in UK T___T

Its -2degree outside now. Tomorrow's my offday and here i am hiding under my duvet rambling away to my poor blog. Going grimsby tomorrow for a small dinner and socialize with aunties/uncles thats friends with my aunt/uncle -__- Yup, another small unknown town. I am getting good at introducing small unknown towns of England to people now. Hohoho..Not any of those mainstream places. I suppose it's one of my hidden talent. wtf...

I had the weirdest dream the other night, its so weird and hauntingly real i can still remember it. I dreamed that i was back home in Penang. Sitting on the familiar couch with my brother being himself and Jaz jumping all over me. Still puzzled, i asked my dad why am i here? Back so soon? He say yeah, you are back here for good! :) I see myself panicking, Oh No, why so soon! I haven't witness my first snowfall, my first snowman, my first snowflake. My stopover in Dubai, how would i explain to Jin for not coming back together? While all these thoughts ran through my dreamself, i jolted up awake. Seriously, like those feeling you fell down a cliff. Suddenly it dawns to me, i will be leaving this place sooner or later.There's still so many places calling out to me to explore them. I might never come back here and i know i will feel very VERY heavy hearted when i do leave this place i've called home when i buy stuff eBay or for the pass 6 months.

Been really distracted from blogging recently. Most of the blogs i used to read aren't as good as how it used to be. Blogging now seems like a norm, something like what everyone must have. Force to have. or something like tat. Not much genuine readers out there also. All also blog hopping in hopes of getting the favor been return so they can have higher numbers of visitors = more $ from ads. Lazy to work my brain for words.

Many things running through my bimbo brain now. Europe continent is so so near yet it seems so far from me. Is this my only opportunity in life to go there carefree? It would be very irresponsible for me to make such hasty decision. I always feel that we have to live life to the fullest, make everyday as if it's your last. Yet by doing so i feel so salah towards DivaLisa(for dono watreason also).....so lisa, don't worry...no need to call me and question me anything about it. Its just a thought.

Tada everyone.

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  • At 6:28 PM, December 11, 2007, Blogger Benjamin

    this post has about 6 topics in it. amazing.

  • At 5:24 PM, December 12, 2007, Blogger mrbherng

    Yup, there's many more place calling us to explore them. Even so, I think you still can find a reason to repay the UK a visit in the future.

    Worst come to worst, you will have the sweet memories of your time in the UK snugly tuck at the bottom of your heart and the tonnes of photographs that you took during your time here.

    Anyway... you are still here, enjoy it!!! before you start to dislike the life here =P

  • At 2:34 PM, December 19, 2007, Blogger angchoonseong

    aha...i bring back a snowball for u!