Tuesday, January 29, 2008
Leaving on a jet plane
Tomoro i will be flying off to the fastest developing country in the world.

I hope i get to online again in the airport while waiting so i can edit this part.

Meantime, see you all soon :)


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Saturday, January 26, 2008
Current Location: Edinburgh
First of all, i wanna express my shock and sadness towards the death of Heath Ledger. Only 28 years old and gone. I was just talking bout him with my friend, Wendy when we were in Venice. That's because he's the last Casanova and casanova originates from venice. Abit creepy but yet saddening to me as i had high hope on him for the future. The Dark Knight will be his movie then. Rest in peace.

Secondly, the censorship board is getting more and more ridiculous. HARLO! Over here Lust, Caution is showing in all glory on the cinemas (i hope i get to watch it b4 going home). What's with a little bit of shirtless scene. Then they should do something with all the kampung kids running around naked. It's painful to see.

Ok.. back to normal post. I am in Edinburgh and the breeze wind super duper wind is crazy wann! Our walking speed will be increase by ten folds as the wind is practically blowing u and according to my dear friend, the only reason i wasn't blown away is because my big fat face is acting as an anchor.. -___-

So because i am being a guest here and jpa just bless their bank account, they have reason to declare holiday!! First day here, just sleep sleep only to replenish my energy from all the travelling. While i was sitting at one corner with my book and luggage in manchester, with a sombre expression, i stared at a lot of ang moh holding spice girls memoriblia and still hype up and singing Every Boy & Every Girl, SPICE UP YOUR LIFE! T______T

Our lunch after much discussion from inside the house, to under the rain. TGIF. just because it's friday :)

My appertizer. Crispy Strip with Jack Daniel sauce or something la. the portion so huge after eating it, i already damn full.

and my landlords with their food. Buaya canot finish his food! haha.. first time in history kot... and Pei2 unhappy because what she order is different from what she expects. heheh

my ribs.. not really my ribs la..it's the ribs i ordered la.. hahah...canot habiskan as well cos too full. it looks like it charred and geli but actually quite yummy la...

Oh...and also i need to give credit to buaya for being a good host.. cos i complain wanna eat at 11pm, he brave the wind and rain and coldness and cycled out to buy a bucket of fried chicken and fries for the household supper while waiting to hear Sharapova moan her way to be the champion for austrialian open...

credit must be given to pei pei also because the bicycle belongs to her :)

That's all for now.

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Sunday, January 20, 2008
Another quarter of my life is done.
As of now, i'll be leaving my little village be heading back to civilisation. The only thing i'll miss about Blyton is my only friend, elliot(he's so sweet he gave me goingaway gift..aww), the freedom and the molah i made.

I just realized my shopping power has increased by ten fold compared to the time when i was in Penang therefore i almost burst into tears when packing today. I had to again lug my huge heavy luggage around england train station.

A little clue on my next destination...but if you are quick enough, you would have guessed where it is :)

A little bit of mafia, a little bit of culture, awesome food, fabulous eye candy with accent and a great travel mate is what it takes!

Due to my near non existence determination, my project diet 101 is officially a failure :( :( :( Will try harder next time!

Next update will probably be after Thursday.


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Wednesday, January 16, 2008
In december, i made my maiden trip to Birmingham. Apart from knowing it being one of the largest cities in UK, i also was informed that it's full of banglas. Other than that, Birmingham is also home to one of the more eccentric friend that i have, mr william.

So on that fine morning, i was about to step out of the house when there's a msg on my msn, so i replied it. And that very msg made me miss the bus and i had to wait for 1 hour for the next one in the cold T___T

And then i had to switch train at Nottingham and because their PA system was down and i couldn't find the next platform for my connecting train, i miss it again!! and had to wait another hour for the next one. The supposedly 4 hours journey took me a staggering 6 stupid hours. So frustrating.

Once i got there, Will took me to this dimsum place where i met someone who reads my blog. OMG! Hie, to you if u still read me *blush* I consider it one of my highlights in my blogging life because someone actually come up to me and say hie~and out of so many place, birmingham :)

Before dropping my stuff at the smallest hostel i've ever seen, we went line up for one of the best dougnut in town! But to will, he say it's nothing, just another bread with a hole, hmmph!

And when we were lining up(gosh, the line was unbelievable long!) the HOT NOW sign was slowly spinning around so we got ourself free original glaze each. MY favorite flavour.

In the evening, we went to this german market at the city centre. Note that i'm there before christmas so it's all winter holiday mood still.

Plenty of stalls selling knick knacks, porcelain stuff and candies.

There's like sea of people at the German market, most standing around a small table drinking beer or eating some hot food. The ambiance was excellent. You get the happy music coming from a merry-go-round nearby and the sound of laughter from the crowd on top of the sweet smelling of roast pork and wursts. Jason took the exact same photo like mine, the reindeer thingie but he took his at manchester!!

We got ourself a nice little bacon in the bun after staring at the roasting pork for quite some time. The sweet smell of onions and bacon are to tempting to resist.

Will finished most of it. I only pose for the sake of blogging which makes me look like a hungry pig..or am i not? hahah

We also had some wurst...which made me damn full!!! Then we went for a walk around birmingham. Which basically finished my tour. That's all done under 1 day.

Headed back as we going to attend a pre-christmas christmas party where alot of malaysian and chinese attended.

AGAIN, all the food which totally ruin my first round of diet. Great night which lasted well to the wee hours in the morning and i had to excuse myself to bed as i was really knackered after all the traveling.

The next day, was supposed to meet up at 11am i think, so i got up and got myself ready. I was really glad to see the weather was lovely outside and can't wait to go out. So i wait and wait...until 3pm T____T Why william, WHY.... With so little sunshine in winter, i should have gone out myself. And with so much time in hand, i used it to paint my face -__- There's really nothing much to do. Poor guy internet connection was terrible. I think this is the first time in a long long time i put photos of myself. Sorry la, if it's an eyesore to you; ie ang or divalisa, but i really like my long hair that day. hahaha sometimes i quite shallow and vain....but i got nothing to do so use my camera to entertain myself....forgive me...

Okok...so we went to Wagamama for lunch before FINALLY did a little of window shopping. I did not really buy anything because when i pick up something from the aisle, Will will snap photos of me and mutters " Haha, i'll show your mom!!" T____T so potong steam.

and i only had 1 request, to go mng shop. And william kept misleading me..and when we finally got there, the door shuts at my face with the sign " CLOSE EARLY FOR SALE PREPARATION" wtf..WHY william WHY...There's only like 3 mng in UK and i had to leave early tomoro and now i can't even browse .. T__T

and then we went home to cook dinner. William cooking his famous oyakodon. hahaha..THE William cooking, girls..it's something we don't see in penang.

Finito and it taste like the real thing too. Really yummy :) :) :)

We proceed to make Char Koay Kak wtf.... I told you this friend of mine is eccentric. And i actually had alot of fun because neither of us has a clear clue on how to make it. Taruh saja lah and then try to improvise from the "super secret recipe"

It was another long night for me. It has been so long since we met up and so we have many grandmother story to tell. Haha

The next morning, it just take too much time and work to make koaykak we just make it to radish cake/loh pak kou. Surprisingly...quite successful although abit tasteless and ugly looking. Hahahahaha.. Anyone that can guess the formation of the below, is simply genius ok?

Giving up, we had proper breakfast at Weatherspoon. The weather was very frosty and seriously cold.

And i bid farewell to my dear friend that has been such a wonderful host. It's really weird. For when i was in penang most of the time, he's in US. When i was in KL most of the time, he's in penang. And when I'm in UK, he's back to penang. So for this small fraction of time when both of us are in the same land, i had to make effort to meet him. Or else, it will be god knows when shall we meet again.

Anyhoo, it was great fun there i had in Birmingham. It seriously has the BEST SHOPPING place called bullring. For an emo person such like me, it has been a whirlwind 3 days for me. Let's hope that we meet up soon~~ Despite all the ranting above, u know i still miss seeing you, Will. So please dont merajuk on me okk? haha

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008
Shopping is Hard Work so i binged.
Other than food binging, i've been watching alot of movies recently. From torrent la of course, i haven't step into the cinema for 6 months already T__T ...

Fight club
. Top on the chart of IMDB and it was one that i meant to watch for a long time. Brad Pitt, Edward Norton and Seminaked men with 6 packs fighting, which girl wouldn't say no? Anyway, i got more than what i wanted and it was one twisted, violent and scary (to me) movie. It was really good in a way though because i would have never guessed the ending and the way it was narrated. Deserve to be on the top!

Because I Said So
. Diane Keaton and Mandy Moore. another romantic comedy for me. I love this genre of movie because it's a no brainer and it's really fun to watch.

Bring It On. Watching this for the 143th times was great. It brings back great memories for me from secondary school and make me miss dancing so much. Dancing in a group and dance practices.

Going to watch Amazing Grace next and any more good movies recommendation??

Today went to Lincoln for the last time and the moment i order my breakfast i know for sure my calories quota for the day already kantoi. So i order a Quiche, a mixture of pie, ham and cottage cheese. Really like it but while eating it, a huge cloud of guilt is hovering above my head.

English rose.

Then i went shopping with Jessica. PoppyJunk you owe me 30pd!! and RM2 for the sms i send u..i dont care..hahaha

Today every shop also got the word SALE or ALL under 5pd all over them. Who in the right mind wont go grab some goodies? kekeke...

The harvest of walking around for 5 hours under drizzles. Carry until the blood flow nearly got cut off from my arms already. But half of it is not for me.. T___T

Feel depressed again, so i go eat McD for tea. My village don't have mcD or kfc wan, so i binge again.

On the way home, i walked pass the village pub..and automatically walk in, sit down and order food again. Arghhhh....!! DIE LAH! I had cajun chicken with mushroom and onion with cheese!!
Lovely food but after eating i really feel guilty... all my effort will go wasted after seeing some results.

But who knows that my alliances also kantoi today, so we agreed today is not counted in our diet regime. Kekeke..damn keji. Today is our cheat day.

I still feel guilty. Tomoro i plan to run an extra mile to burn all the food i consume today but an obese buaya told me england will flood -__- already few places flooding as of now...wtf...

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Today i ran to another village
I did!! I ran for like 2 miles today along the country road despite the cold winds and before i know it, i saw the tiny sign that normally you see before entering another city, town, or in my case, village.

I even took a photo as evidence!! Look ! Pilham..where that is..

And another one...if i kept running following the signboard, i could save some pounds from taking the bus. hahah...

and here's a lovely dog i met. The dog name Love..such lovely cocker spaniels. I can just melt away around dogs and puppies.

As promised, i will like to give a huge SHOUT OUT to MilkyWay, that surprisingly reads my blog while his own blog is dead as a stone could be alive. His quote, if don't use brain everyday, will become potato.. -__- Why i have such lame friends.

He also ask me to pimp him.. So here he is..with me..a photo of us from past 2 christmas. Then, still abit chubs, according to him, now he thin already hahaha.

Pimping fact: Good at basketball (used to?) Taller than me (ABIT ONLY), can be really sarcastic and funny, ride motorbikes like mat rempit in KL to Kajang respect. Wear ties to work lol, and a great friend i would say. Even though abit potato himself. haha

nah..ur shoutout done.. haha i hope you are happy.. :) No need to thank me or love me ok..haha


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Sunday, January 13, 2008
Happy Birthday Mr.Lee
Today's mine Dads' 60th Birthday! Happy Birthday DAD!! The King of the Road. Hahaha. Notice the cake got a turtle...means turtle walk faster than my dad's driving. HAAHAHAHAHA

And my sister send me this photo, of what they had for dinner T_____T Suffering. All looks so yummy...especially Starview specialty, fish soup!! and the fried mayo thingy... T_____T

Not forgetting Jan 14th is also PiggyYee Birthday. Smallest size but oldest among us all.. Thank to you for introducing ur piao dee and liverpool gang to us, or else we wont have such a memorable time in scotland, i doubt the plan will even work without your determination! And also thank you for introducing us to Soon also..now we have a really nice nice time to think back when we are old. Although you are can eat alot and yet not be fat, you know i still love you! hahah..

Happy birthday, old friend!!

6 more freaking days to the end of my stint in this tiny little village!! I am godlike now. Hahaha


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Saturday, January 12, 2008
Let's all sing the auld lang syne
Hahaha.. 12 days too late.

Anyway, i think it's a custom over in western world to sing auld lang syne at the stroke of midnight on 1st january as a way to usher in the new year.

As for me this year, i will like to remember it as being offered a glass of bubble by kind villagers and sleeping it away.

THE act of ushering in new year fall on new years day itself for us. We decided to have steamboat! Woo..so excited bout it. I was almost disappointed at the last minute when i couldn't get myself there since i stay so kampung T___T but thanks to the great people..hehe i still manage to attend! woohoo!

Age, is really catching up on me. The steamboat lasted 9 hours and we begun at 11pm. It was slow because we had more than 10 people and only 1 small rice cooker. And everyone is like attacking the cooker once something is cooked.The following day everyday was so groggy with panda eyes walking around like zombies.

Oh well, as i say, when boring people gather together, they will totally unleash the energy, fun and tigerism that has been bottled up in them! I shall not post anymore photos of same sex kissing in case i offend certain people again.

Just some photos of the night with hongkies, taiwanese, shanghainese and bbc. All also Chinese!! I think that i am very lost in front of cameras now. It had been awhile since i took photos with with another person and it seems that i forgot how to smile. All my photos looks so weird! anyway, it still a very happy night/day. Great way to usher in the new year.

That's all. Getting so lazy to blog.

Rather read than be read nowadays. hehehe... but i bertekad to blog all my travel post in uk. Birmingham, london and liverpool. all unblog blogs.

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Why "SexyBack" is the best workout song.
Due to demand from the most unsuspecting person; ang, i shall put a hold on my new year days blog and update something fast first. Also not to disappoint his belief in me, i will blog something about my current obsession. Losing weight.

Part of my routine is try to run as much as i can when i can. Best companion is mp3. Best song i think is Sexyback by justin. Why?

1. You can run to the beat of the song.

2. Justin Timberlake is encouraging you to GO!GO! all the way

3. Lyrics damn motivating:-
Get your sexy out - run run to lose the fat and be sexy
You're burning it up for me - burn those calories for justin.
Wiggle those hips - also ask u to move! Run! GO!

4. The songs remind you of the songs played in the club. Very hype.

5. The image of victoria secret's angel dancing in front of you and makes you want to be like them. Best Thinspiration.

6. The song is not upbeat all the way therefore letting you to slow down and catch your breath before justin ask you to Go go go again.

7 more days to go!! 1000calorie or less per day is the target.

I hope this post will help people struggling like me, pei and helen to keep on going.


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Wednesday, January 09, 2008
The aftermath of festive seasons
I've been hungry for the past 5 days now.

I stole this photo from matthew's facebook. the left side read: Before christmas and Right reads: After Christmas.

I'm in that state exactly T__T so sad...previous hard work of dieting all down the drain. Somemore someone kept calling me fat and ugly on msn as a daily reminder to drop the weight!! And i believe i am not the only victim. Pei also kena victimize by him but she lagi kesian because she had to face him everyday.

So we decided to form alliances. Helen, Pei and Me...something like weight watcher group. Must motivate and encourage each other to lose weight. Somehow it sounds like those support group. aAahaH. Fat anonymous. And instead of saying "Hi, I'm an addict" we can say "Hi, I'm fat"

So depressing.

On the 4th day of dieting, i started to hallucinate pizza, burgers and fries floating around me. Me working in the food line is not helping at all. Fries bertimbunan everyday seems like calling at me to eat them T___T

Yesterday i went to Lincoln again to meet some ppl for my "farewell" lunch. The first time i met them was my "welcome" lunch. Yesterday was only the second time i saw them. Ahaha..

Anyway, i ventured around the town and came across this quaint shop. CANDY SHOP.

Really old fashion type where you only see them in movies.

Willy Wonka and Chocolate factory type.

I am so tempted to buy some and try but that will just ruin my hardwork so far. So i left empty handed.

For lunch, i can have all the dimsums throwned at me! Ha Kau, Lo MaiKai and chee cheung fun. But i just had a bowl of porridge and 1 egg tart.

Ok..to compensate myself, i bought 2 pairs of shoes and some other stuff hahaha. Went home, eat my special K and slept at 830pm. Shopping is not only a good outlet to release stress and depression, it is also a good way to keep healthy. My phone has got this function that counts every step you take.

On average, i take about 4000steps a day plus 20mins jog. When i was out shopping, i will normally take more than 8000steps without even breaking a sweat.

My verdict: Shopping is gewd!! :) :)

It had been so long since i slept for more than 10 hours. This morning, woke up with a smile


10 more days before i met anyone. 10 days of healthy lifestyle!!!

I can do it, I can do it! *mentally psych myself*

I filled my mp3 with songs that have sexy videos. So when i listen to Sexy Back, i imagine Alessandra Ambrossi, and i run faster in the cold...

Putting myself through hell now so i can binge when i'm back on the travel map.

10 more days!!


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