Wednesday, January 16, 2008
In december, i made my maiden trip to Birmingham. Apart from knowing it being one of the largest cities in UK, i also was informed that it's full of banglas. Other than that, Birmingham is also home to one of the more eccentric friend that i have, mr william.

So on that fine morning, i was about to step out of the house when there's a msg on my msn, so i replied it. And that very msg made me miss the bus and i had to wait for 1 hour for the next one in the cold T___T

And then i had to switch train at Nottingham and because their PA system was down and i couldn't find the next platform for my connecting train, i miss it again!! and had to wait another hour for the next one. The supposedly 4 hours journey took me a staggering 6 stupid hours. So frustrating.

Once i got there, Will took me to this dimsum place where i met someone who reads my blog. OMG! Hie, to you if u still read me *blush* I consider it one of my highlights in my blogging life because someone actually come up to me and say hie~and out of so many place, birmingham :)

Before dropping my stuff at the smallest hostel i've ever seen, we went line up for one of the best dougnut in town! But to will, he say it's nothing, just another bread with a hole, hmmph!

And when we were lining up(gosh, the line was unbelievable long!) the HOT NOW sign was slowly spinning around so we got ourself free original glaze each. MY favorite flavour.

In the evening, we went to this german market at the city centre. Note that i'm there before christmas so it's all winter holiday mood still.

Plenty of stalls selling knick knacks, porcelain stuff and candies.

There's like sea of people at the German market, most standing around a small table drinking beer or eating some hot food. The ambiance was excellent. You get the happy music coming from a merry-go-round nearby and the sound of laughter from the crowd on top of the sweet smelling of roast pork and wursts. Jason took the exact same photo like mine, the reindeer thingie but he took his at manchester!!

We got ourself a nice little bacon in the bun after staring at the roasting pork for quite some time. The sweet smell of onions and bacon are to tempting to resist.

Will finished most of it. I only pose for the sake of blogging which makes me look like a hungry pig..or am i not? hahah

We also had some wurst...which made me damn full!!! Then we went for a walk around birmingham. Which basically finished my tour. That's all done under 1 day.

Headed back as we going to attend a pre-christmas christmas party where alot of malaysian and chinese attended.

AGAIN, all the food which totally ruin my first round of diet. Great night which lasted well to the wee hours in the morning and i had to excuse myself to bed as i was really knackered after all the traveling.

The next day, was supposed to meet up at 11am i think, so i got up and got myself ready. I was really glad to see the weather was lovely outside and can't wait to go out. So i wait and wait...until 3pm T____T Why william, WHY.... With so little sunshine in winter, i should have gone out myself. And with so much time in hand, i used it to paint my face -__- There's really nothing much to do. Poor guy internet connection was terrible. I think this is the first time in a long long time i put photos of myself. Sorry la, if it's an eyesore to you; ie ang or divalisa, but i really like my long hair that day. hahaha sometimes i quite shallow and vain....but i got nothing to do so use my camera to entertain myself....forgive me... we went to Wagamama for lunch before FINALLY did a little of window shopping. I did not really buy anything because when i pick up something from the aisle, Will will snap photos of me and mutters " Haha, i'll show your mom!!" T____T so potong steam.

and i only had 1 request, to go mng shop. And william kept misleading me..and when we finally got there, the door shuts at my face with the sign " CLOSE EARLY FOR SALE PREPARATION" wtf..WHY william WHY...There's only like 3 mng in UK and i had to leave early tomoro and now i can't even browse .. T__T

and then we went home to cook dinner. William cooking his famous oyakodon. hahaha..THE William cooking,'s something we don't see in penang.

Finito and it taste like the real thing too. Really yummy :) :) :)

We proceed to make Char Koay Kak wtf.... I told you this friend of mine is eccentric. And i actually had alot of fun because neither of us has a clear clue on how to make it. Taruh saja lah and then try to improvise from the "super secret recipe"

It was another long night for me. It has been so long since we met up and so we have many grandmother story to tell. Haha

The next morning, it just take too much time and work to make koaykak we just make it to radish cake/loh pak kou. Surprisingly...quite successful although abit tasteless and ugly looking. Hahahahaha.. Anyone that can guess the formation of the below, is simply genius ok?

Giving up, we had proper breakfast at Weatherspoon. The weather was very frosty and seriously cold.

And i bid farewell to my dear friend that has been such a wonderful host. It's really weird. For when i was in penang most of the time, he's in US. When i was in KL most of the time, he's in penang. And when I'm in UK, he's back to penang. So for this small fraction of time when both of us are in the same land, i had to make effort to meet him. Or else, it will be god knows when shall we meet again.

Anyhoo, it was great fun there i had in Birmingham. It seriously has the BEST SHOPPING place called bullring. For an emo person such like me, it has been a whirlwind 3 days for me. Let's hope that we meet up soon~~ Despite all the ranting above, u know i still miss seeing you, Will. So please dont merajuk on me okk? haha

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  • At 2:46 AM, January 18, 2008, Anonymous j a s o n y o n g

    hmmmm looking good in those camwhore shots...*thumbs up*
    the reindeer can fly wan..dun pray pray
    one hour he was in manc and the next moment he was with u in birm

  • At 7:09 AM, January 18, 2008, Blogger angchoonseong


    1. the collection of pics of eyesorer.

    2. Now u make me feel bad for the level of treatment u get in Edinburgh.

    3. I have never been to birmingham. EHEM, william, pls take note. I want the char koay kak.

  • At 12:23 AM, January 19, 2008, Blogger Eve

    jason: hoho..thanks!

    acs: i know i wont get ur approval ady. Well, u will have 2nd chance to make it up on ur level of treatment. hohohoho. And the char koay kak u need to help make wna ok

  • At 12:44 AM, January 19, 2008, Blogger Des

    oh cuti cuti bersama william!!!

    how come william balut so much clothing..but u not cold leh???

  • At 1:01 AM, January 19, 2008, Blogger Eve

    des, i also wear scarf and coat ah..same same..hehe..

  • At 8:16 PM, February 12, 2008, Blogger Head Hunter

    harlo again, i am the one who went to you table when u are having dim sum with your friend at birmingham. happy CNY