Wednesday, February 27, 2008
So many things to decide, to consider.

I envy those who are still a student. Being a student is the best time in your life T__T

I think i sux at being a blogger. I find that i have lost the way to express myself in words. Anyway, what you see might not be what you will get. Or what you expect things to be, no matter how well planned or thoroughly researched, it will not go the way you hope it will be.

Even friends are not like how it used to be. Everyone seems to have their own priorities in life which i fully understand but what you did to me today will reflect on how i will treat you in the future. Perception had changed.

Thanks to the isolation days back in the uk, i have now become a loner. I don't like to be with alot of people at any given time. It's not that many people are worth spending my time with anyway... Small group of 2-3 is fine. Loves the talks over a cuppa. Too crowdy somehow causes me headache and annoys the hell out of me.


To all the eligible voters out there, exercise your right this 8th of March! This is your chance to make a change, to change Malaysia into a place that we rant about less. The opportunity doesn't come every time.

Do not only rely on 1 source of information i.e. newspaper. Read elsewhere to keep abreast with whats going on with the country you live in, work in and study in. As i said earlier, not everything you read is true. Read between the lines. Show people that you are literate and educated.

Deny 2/3 majority in the parliament. Deny monopolization power in the parliament.


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Friday, February 22, 2008
The end of the edison scandal
Finally after weeks of headlines about this scandal, Edison put an end to it yesterday afternoon. Hopefully it's the end also.

The asian community has been making this thing so big a deal when it is not. Big of deal in a bad way. Somemore got news of triads trying to hack Edison's hands off and such.

Did this kind of thing happen to Paris Hilton when her sex tape was release to the public?? No, she somemore made a profit out of it. What has been done is done? What good issit to cry over it? When you are not even the people involve in it, just look at the fansee in Hongkong. Abit no life right.

Or just look at Kate Moss when footage of her snorting cocaine was release on the internet. She was propelled into another level of stardom with all sponsors and adverts knocking at her doorstep.

Edison is famous at the wrong side of the world then. Here is his press conference. Just look at the flashes towards him. Blinding man.


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Band Member Wanted

As the title suggests, a band (Leaving Mr.Nelson) that has been established for 5 years is currently looking for a band member to join their band. Currently they have 3 members only. They are looking for a lead guitarist or a lead singer; base in penang.

The genre of music they play is indie alternatives and moving towards post punk revival. Erm.. i think if you know Artic Monkeys, Babyshambles, Bloc Party or The Libertines you know at least see what the band might have to offer you or you have to offer them.

To those interested, please call Poh Jang at 016 4545 753.


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Thursday, February 21, 2008
Chap Goh Meh
Today marks the end of the 15th day long chinese new year celebration.

Not known to many but normally we will eat Bubur ChaCha on this day. Every year, my neighbour will give my family free wan. Muahaha.. so nice leh..

Then tonite i will go throw mandarin oranges. CRATEFUL of them, wtf. HAHAHA


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Wednesday, February 20, 2008
Earthquake, Tsunami Again??
Did you felt it?

I did. Just few minutes ago in fact. I was sitting down and i felt my surrounding shaking, so i ask my mom if she felt anything. But she tell me not to be stupid and i might kena heat stroke or something like tat. Already siau ady.

But then when i return to my laptop, i get a few friends messaging me bout the earthquake. At that moment, i knew i was not crazy or having a fever! hahahaha

Even CNN.COM reported ady.

A major earthquake shook western Indonesia on Wednesday afternoon, the U.S. Geological Survey reported.

The magnitude 7.5 quake's epicenter was about 195 miles (315 km), south-southeast of Banda Aceh, on the Indonesian island of Sumatra, the USGS said on its Web site.

So this post is to reconfirm bout the Earthquake that strike Penang again. I think it wont be anything major. I hope la. And you can show this post to anyone who think you are crazy just now for thinking there's an earthquake. hahah


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Tuesday, February 19, 2008
Makan Makan Trip
For breakfast, duck rice with Mr.Kenny and Mr.Gin. They claim it's one of the bessst in Penang. So i went to compare whether it can be as best as the London four season duck rice.

Verdict: Canot la. Although the duck skin is really crispy and thin. The problem is because it's thin. In london, the skin was juicy, thick and crispy. I miss it so much. Eric, if u reading my blog, can you help me tar pau when you come back penang next time? I pay the currency differences la.. hahah

After breakfast went home to wait for Ah Jin to come pick me up. Different Jin from morning ady. This Ah Jin also very free, just like me. No friend, lonely, unemployed. So we had our lunch from 3pm to 5pm.

We ordered almost everything in New World Park, to compensate our hawker food deprivation for 7 months. AND THEN, after sapu or kuih, ice kacang, curry mee, bak chang.. we proceed to Padang Lok Lok for....lok lok -__ -

Then, of course i must go to gym. Actually i think i should stop mentioning to people that i am going to the gym now. People has been expecting alot from me. Like suddenly be like Lin ChiLing or Jessica Alba. Hello people, i am not a miracle worker ok!! I canot suddenly kecut wan. The most i can aim for is like Beyonce body frame only. I can forget about being stick thin wan.

And please also remember i joined for only 2 weeks. Because i've only been back to tanah air for 2 weeks also !!!!!!! not 2 months nor 2 years alright?

Ooo.. I think yoga is really not my thn'g. I joined yoga class today and i dont really like it. Expected canot be very flexible ady la but it's too slow for me. I joined Jazz Yoga the other day and i love it so much. Shall make sure i go for this week class as well :)

Okie..back to my makan makan day. Then after gym..i quickly rush home because Ah Jin will be picking me up for second round d..

Damn happy dinner okie...

Because i get to meet back my UK friends. Nop, not guai lohs. But Malaysians that i met in UK and traveled together to Scotland and Liverpool also. These are also the people that i thought i will never met again in my life.

We makan dinner at Kayu. The Original Kayu. Fucking expensive wei. The naan cost me RM8.90. Where got so expensive wan. But it's good because i met with WingYew, Ah Bo and Ik Bing. HAhaha the photo of expensive naan .!!!!!!!!!.

Let's hope that with the new year, i will widen my circle of friends and meet more interesting people. See more interesting places and listen to wonderful experiences from weird people. hahaha


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Monday, February 18, 2008
My Funny Valentine(s)
This year valentine day was again spend with a group of friends. :) For more details on the kinda disastrous yet funny date refer to Mabel's post.

And then the news that my last surviving grandma was admitted into the hospital for breathless-ness. So all family members met at the icu on valentines day night. After a while, we do what Lee family do best.. Makan makan. quite funny right...

Bak kut teh... the atmosphere was more lau juak than reunion dinner actually. haha

and then we went to my uncle's place to pray to the God of Sky/ Ti Gong which also marks Hokkien's Chinese new year. It has been years since we had a proper prayer to ti gong and it has been a really fun and family bonding day to me. It had been almost 10 years i did not see a lion dance performance being performance at such close proximity or at my own/relatives premises.

That is what valentine day suppose to be. Be with who you held dearest. Not being con by restaurant with poor service and cut throat prices. Not on the day where florist flourish. You see the small figure uncle near the bonfire/offerings??

He damn macho and brave ok. When the kids playing fireworks, we shouted at him to be careful of the fire and sparks, but he damn selamba walk pass like nothing only. Then when the joss sticks turn into fire and he couldn't put it out, he just squat down by the road and hit it out with his bare palm. -___- Damn keng!!

And that is how my valentine day went this year. No rose, no chocolate, no present. But then again, i met some new people which is very good.


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Friday, February 15, 2008
Kenny's Birthday
11th of February is Mr Kenny's birthday!! So we went out for dinner at his expenses (thanks!) at this new place called Kenribean or something like tat around Sunrise Tower.

The food was cheap, juicy and tasty too!! hahaha.. They serve Western food like fish n chips and London Fish n chips (wat's the difference?? ) and Steaks.

Best dressed of the day. Mr. MacMin...

The awesome cupcakes!! Super duper cute i tell you, too cute to eat. I got them from joosing. Go get your's at cupcakes4you! They are not very expensive it's a great alternative to the old boring cake.

All that went and eat and laugh. I look damn fat like pig in almost all photos thereofre the short and brief entry.

My dearies

ALL TIME Favourite past time, post dinner activity.

The life of an unemployed is so busy!!! Why...

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008
Edison Chen Scandal.
hahaha.. this is one of the taktik keji to increase my traffic to my blog.

Did you expect to see some of the nude photographs here? Sorry but this is a rated- U blog therefore i will not post the photos here. Although i have seen them all. Almost 400pieces of them, thanks to my very quick source, Mr. Ngiam.

Almost all of the photos involves oral sex. Done to edison. Gillian was the only lucky one i suppose, haha...

My point of view is that the media in hongkong is making a very big fuss over this. I mean, true it involves alot of superstars from hongkong but then it's their personal life, we shouldn't bother that much. Although it's a very juicy piece of gossip and i think it crushes the dreams of alot of super fans out there that idolize these people like god or angels. time to wake up..

I think the press conference that Gillian gave was a joke. After she gave the statement, she was smiling and the crowd of fans behind her was clapping as if it's a very glorifying thing to do. Remember when some photos was taken of her in Genting sometime last year, during the press conference she was crying all the way. HAhaha. come on la.. Their job is acting so they should be good at it la..

Some trivia i copied from a gossip forum:

Some thoughts to ponder...

Kira, the man or men responsible for leaking the photos, has remained silent for the past couple of days. His inactivity and the fact that Gillian was smiling at her press conference has led people to believe EEG, Gillian’s record company, paid him (Kira) off.

All of what has happened has fostered a few conspiracy theories on a said rumour. Some of which are posted under the cut.

Fun fact:
In Gillian’s speech she said she was naive. On her nightstand is a bottle of KY Jelly.

HK$10 million payout
More than one person was releasing the photos. They were paid 10 million HKD or 1.3 million USD to stop releasing.

Gillian Chung used as bait
Gillian Chung’s public appearance was used to lure Kira out of hiding which it never did.

Kira in hiding
Kira is waiting for Edison to return to Hong Kong to release more pictures to embarrass him.

I shall proceed to blog about my chinese new year, dubai and venice. Also how life to me as an unemployed ;)


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Tuesday, February 05, 2008
Year of the Rat
Updating as requested by angchoonseong. I know you boring extreme liau, or else wont ask me to update wan.

In 2 days time, it will be the year of the rat. Somehow, i don't find myself looking forward to it as much as everybody else. It must also have something to do with the attitude my family has all these years. I've been working for on 2nd & 3rd day for a few times already and i don't mind if i have work this year, in fact, i would be quite happy. hahaha can get more money that day compared to ang pows..


i continue my post from yesterday. hahah.

So i joined a gym already and attended an Abs Express class the other day together with my siblings and cousin. Halfway through the class i already feel like crying because it's just so tough! and it's like entering torture camp and the worst bit is that all the uncle and auntie that join with me can do much better than me!! But at least got people kept urging me to keep going. I hope all the effort will pay off -___-

Finally yesterday i get to go mamak and taste beer already. Back to normal abit. kekeke.. So happy. Yes yes, must make a statement that johor uni student from penang also very gentlemen...

Anyway, all crapping aside, Happy Chinese New Year from which basically means me. HAHAHA Ong Lai Ong Lai for those playing cards this year.


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Sunday, February 03, 2008
Hello From Everlasting Summer.
So i am already back in Penang for the Chinese new year. It's only been 3 days i am here and i already feel not really happy by far. What i get so far is just critism from everyone.

Why so fat wan you?
What happen to you? - from a stupid stupid bitch that i hate and i don't know why i meet on the first day i was here when i don't meet when i was still slim last
Why your hair so long and frizzy wan? -humid weather la wtf
Why you grow horizontally wan?
Why your feet so swollen wan? - i also dono why and getting worried as well.
What happen to you diet? - i also wanna know

Why why why? Stop asking me la. i also dont want to grow fat wan wat. Already tried to diet so hard but still so fat i also no idea la. Fat ma fat la... no one cares when i was in uk but it seems to be everyone's problem here but mine alone. So just leave me alone with my new found fat la..

Other than the above, i got a huge bruise on my knee for going humpty dumpty in Dubai airport when running to the boarding gate. The airport terminal damn damn long. I also got another bruise on the thigh for knocking myself with my luggages -__-

The day i left Dubai, it was hit with a sandstorm. My flight was delayed for 40mins and i missed my connecting flight to penang. Damn pissed because we were running around klia. In fact, i've been running for the whole damn day.

Finally touched down in wonderful penang. First thing is hokkien mee!!

Overall, my journey home was quite depressing la. But it has been really great meeting up family, friends and my dog. Although most of them will say why u so fat wan T___T

So hot here and internet is slower. I don't know when i can get my photos up. hope it will be soon la


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Saturday, February 02, 2008
Let's do ourselves a favour.
* EDITED. Please email your I.C. Number to after you signed the petition. Petition without an I.C. number can't be counted. Thanks!!

I think by the time i blogged about this, it's already in the past tense as most people are already aware of this tragic incident that happened lately.

In some part of our life, we will surely need to take the bus to travel from state to state be it, penang-kl(most frequent i think), kl-johor, ..etc.. u get the idea. So we would want to have a sense of security when we take the bus services offered to us the consumer. Unfortunately, we usually won't have a peace of mind when we buy, wait or when boarding the bus here in Malaysia.

It is really a drastic different from what i experienced here and UK. I used to be a very frequent traveler on the buses as i studied in KL and my hometown is in Penang. As a student, taking the bus is the mostly the only option i can choose if i want to go home often.

The incident that happen to Nian Ning is not the first one that we have heard of and it definitely wont be the last one. But we can all make a difference to prevent or even just lower the risk of taking the buses if we all come together to be a louder voice towards the authorities.

How can we allow ourself to risk our life or even the lives of our loves one everytime we take a bus? The causes of such accidents are obvious to us. Reckless drivers. Rude drivers. Not all the time, but most of the time we get drivers that ignore our request to these drivers to slow down, or even simply things like stopping at the next stop when nature call.

Blog post such as Jason's, Desmond and ChoonSeong couldn't have make it clear enough for us.

A website ( had been build to commemorate this Slim River Bus Crash Tragedy. Please show some love and support by signing our petition. You can leave your name and email in this site. Let's do ourselves all a favour and help make the road and traveling a little more safe for us.

Take a few minutes of your 24hrs a day to sign this petition. ( Please do help spread the word and not let this incident be forgotten like how every other thing that happen in Malaysia.


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