Friday, February 22, 2008
The end of the edison scandal
Finally after weeks of headlines about this scandal, Edison put an end to it yesterday afternoon. Hopefully it's the end also.

The asian community has been making this thing so big a deal when it is not. Big of deal in a bad way. Somemore got news of triads trying to hack Edison's hands off and such.

Did this kind of thing happen to Paris Hilton when her sex tape was release to the public?? No, she somemore made a profit out of it. What has been done is done? What good issit to cry over it? When you are not even the people involve in it, just look at the fansee in Hongkong. Abit no life right.

Or just look at Kate Moss when footage of her snorting cocaine was release on the internet. She was propelled into another level of stardom with all sponsors and adverts knocking at her doorstep.

Edison is famous at the wrong side of the world then. Here is his press conference. Just look at the flashes towards him. Blinding man.


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