Friday, February 15, 2008
Kenny's Birthday
11th of February is Mr Kenny's birthday!! So we went out for dinner at his expenses (thanks!) at this new place called Kenribean or something like tat around Sunrise Tower.

The food was cheap, juicy and tasty too!! hahaha.. They serve Western food like fish n chips and London Fish n chips (wat's the difference?? ) and Steaks.

Best dressed of the day. Mr. MacMin...

The awesome cupcakes!! Super duper cute i tell you, too cute to eat. I got them from joosing. Go get your's at cupcakes4you! They are not very expensive it's a great alternative to the old boring cake.

All that went and eat and laugh. I look damn fat like pig in almost all photos thereofre the short and brief entry.

My dearies

ALL TIME Favourite past time, post dinner activity.

The life of an unemployed is so busy!!! Why...

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