Saturday, February 02, 2008
Let's do ourselves a favour.
* EDITED. Please email your I.C. Number to after you signed the petition. Petition without an I.C. number can't be counted. Thanks!!

I think by the time i blogged about this, it's already in the past tense as most people are already aware of this tragic incident that happened lately.

In some part of our life, we will surely need to take the bus to travel from state to state be it, penang-kl(most frequent i think), kl-johor, ..etc.. u get the idea. So we would want to have a sense of security when we take the bus services offered to us the consumer. Unfortunately, we usually won't have a peace of mind when we buy, wait or when boarding the bus here in Malaysia.

It is really a drastic different from what i experienced here and UK. I used to be a very frequent traveler on the buses as i studied in KL and my hometown is in Penang. As a student, taking the bus is the mostly the only option i can choose if i want to go home often.

The incident that happen to Nian Ning is not the first one that we have heard of and it definitely wont be the last one. But we can all make a difference to prevent or even just lower the risk of taking the buses if we all come together to be a louder voice towards the authorities.

How can we allow ourself to risk our life or even the lives of our loves one everytime we take a bus? The causes of such accidents are obvious to us. Reckless drivers. Rude drivers. Not all the time, but most of the time we get drivers that ignore our request to these drivers to slow down, or even simply things like stopping at the next stop when nature call.

Blog post such as Jason's, Desmond and ChoonSeong couldn't have make it clear enough for us.

A website ( had been build to commemorate this Slim River Bus Crash Tragedy. Please show some love and support by signing our petition. You can leave your name and email in this site. Let's do ourselves all a favour and help make the road and traveling a little more safe for us.

Take a few minutes of your 24hrs a day to sign this petition. ( Please do help spread the word and not let this incident be forgotten like how every other thing that happen in Malaysia.


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