Wednesday, February 27, 2008
So many things to decide, to consider.

I envy those who are still a student. Being a student is the best time in your life T__T

I think i sux at being a blogger. I find that i have lost the way to express myself in words. Anyway, what you see might not be what you will get. Or what you expect things to be, no matter how well planned or thoroughly researched, it will not go the way you hope it will be.

Even friends are not like how it used to be. Everyone seems to have their own priorities in life which i fully understand but what you did to me today will reflect on how i will treat you in the future. Perception had changed.

Thanks to the isolation days back in the uk, i have now become a loner. I don't like to be with alot of people at any given time. It's not that many people are worth spending my time with anyway... Small group of 2-3 is fine. Loves the talks over a cuppa. Too crowdy somehow causes me headache and annoys the hell out of me.


To all the eligible voters out there, exercise your right this 8th of March! This is your chance to make a change, to change Malaysia into a place that we rant about less. The opportunity doesn't come every time.

Do not only rely on 1 source of information i.e. newspaper. Read elsewhere to keep abreast with whats going on with the country you live in, work in and study in. As i said earlier, not everything you read is true. Read between the lines. Show people that you are literate and educated.

Deny 2/3 majority in the parliament. Deny monopolization power in the parliament.


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