Monday, April 28, 2008
Happy Birthday DivaLisa & Belated to TingtheCousin
Apparently all the people born on 28th of April are stubborn, control freak, determined, bitchy, domineering, and have the "I RULE THE WORLD, Everyone is dumb and waste of space! Everyone's my slave" kinda attitude.

28th of April.... DivaLisa's birthday which coincidently she shares with Saddam Hussein (go flush ur head in toiletbowl if u dono who he is) and also..jeng jeng jeng... WendyCheng fr hahahahah

No wonder they look somewhat alike..., superbly organized, vertically and horizontally challenged. Speaks the same, acts the same. Just one is super blogger, one is super corporate women, the last one is well....former president of Iraq.

Well, happy birthday Taurus !!!

Luckily my cousin Ting did not share all the traits as above..pheww


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Tuesday, April 22, 2008
Butterfly FLY! Frisbee FLY!
*Updated below.

I had a very long weekend last week. and i wanted to blog about it.

with alot alot of photos

But for the past 30minutes, i can't seem to upload any at all.

Blogger are being a bitch to me tonite.

Oh, suddenly can ady..hahaa... and suddenly canot again!

Tomorrow i'm doing some freelance usherette job from 7-5pm. So need to sleep already. Since it's 1130pm now. Audrey and Jimmy should be on the way out for a drink and here i am typing away on my lappie and listening to Spice Girls on winamp.

I'm becoming such an auntie.

Saturday morning! Woke up at 8am. read 8AM! for breakfast with friends that i met from UK. Some came up from KL so must go meet them. Since last year august, i last saw some of them. Miss the adventurous time I had back then.

2 more months to go and it would have been a year since I'm there. TIME effin flies. T__T

Assorted dimsums. The kind of dimsum breakfast you can enjoy if you have alot of people at the table. Unfortunately for me, most of my friends are nocturnal homosapiens. So i am really delighted that day :)

Then we proceed to Butterfly farm. Convoy like tat...3 cars trailing each other. I actually hate butterfly. Too much of it flying around me cause goosebumps. And when I was little, my mom told me that the powder on the wings can make me blind. Planting phobias in me when im little already. =___=

Ik Bing and his butterflyy~~~

Super tiny pineapple baby.

It was so hot and humid at the butterfly place and i couldn't wait to get into the aircon section. God blessing to human. Creation of air conditions!! Damn weird bug. MAN FACE BUG.

Poor Ah Liang!

Penang road cendol. Actually i dont like cendol at all. Greenish thing is very geli and it's too sweet for my liking. I dont really like ice kacang too. Too many kidney beans. HAHAHA I know, its like ordering Soya bean don wan soya right???

The floating mosque. Weather so hot ahhhh

Then we went to some chinese/siam temple. And proceed to makan again! hahahahha This time padang lok lok...

Worth more than RM70 of lok lok sticks.

I shall continue this post tomoro.......really beh tahan with blogger today!! Arghhh!!

*** Continued~~

After lok lok, went mahjong and ARGHH!! my cards all so nice but canot "kau" Bad Luck Bad Luck. Mr.butt won our money once again T___T

Here's us with Audrey for a round of foosball

Since he won our money, he need to treat us balik haha. Tak win full, he rather don wan to win wan..taktik keji....Boss!!

me and another victim T__T

The next day, me, Ting and aud woke up at 7am to finally fulfilled our long awaited date.


Wah.. u see both of them, the look of successful frisbee-ler. Wear so athletic, look so athletic....Catching it with no problem at all....

Audrey frequently caught it with just 1 hand! Phwwwweet~

So what about me??
SAT PAI ARRRRRRRRRR(FAIL)~~~ Chasing after rolling Frisbee only T____T

But not really, u see Ting, took a very nice photo of me...HAHA... not that useless after all :) :) hmmphhh :) :)

After playing for awhile...hehehe

we decided to go for breakfast....bak kut teh...and then after 1 hour, we went for lunch!

HHAHAHAHA... exercise 10days also canot burn the fats we build in 3 hours.!! damn kantoi

Happy Lunching/breakfast/Dinner!!

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Saturday, April 19, 2008
Wong Sau Juien
Its been a long long time since i blog about happy stuff. So i shall make a short post on FOOD! Afterall, i am a glutton :)

Before that, I would just like to record in my blog that on Tuesday alone, i fell down the stairs, more like sliding down after tripping myself. I then proceed to quit from my job because i am on the verge of breaking down on Tuesday. Now i know why people can get suicidal.

Okie, back to foodies~ Me love lots..

The famous dish, wong sau juien (in mandarin). Very spicy to me (reads: mild to normal human) and sour-ish soupy noodle with fish fillets.

The very very very nice honey coated fried chicken. Very highly recommended. Obviously, it's super crispy and had just the right taste of sweetness :) :)

Another obligatory dish from the shop which is hor fun with fish fillet. Something that i can eat also. Haha... I would say, it's like steam fish with hor fun as side dish :) Nice nice. i like also

Another dish is the Special Taufo, well taufu looks like taufu, so i did not bother taking photos as i was hungry myself then. It's not bad. But, the portion for all the above is kinda huge and filling, so you'll be stuff if you can finish even 2 dishes.

Happy People, attacking food oblivious bout the shutterbug sitting opposite them.

the address: Rangoon Road, right behing sim kim sua.

and i am not paid for this post, just wanna share the location of a really good nice food in penang.


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Monday, April 14, 2008
Tak Habis Habis
Kemalangan bertubi tubi.

Pada hari Jumaat pagi, router saya telah membuat keputusan untuk meninggal saya and keluarga saya. Dengan hati yang cemas, saya telepon Streamyx untuk menghidupkan nia semula tetapi ia enggan and putus asa.

Kegilaan melanda saya kerana saya tidak boleh hidup tanpa melayanari web walaupun untuk sehari.

Tidak apa...Hari sabtu, setelah gagal jarum cucuk (Pin Point) kereta yang saya suka, justeru beranjur ke jamuan perpisahan untuk sahabat gua mabel. Pada hari malam, eve yang amat malang dan cuai muncul sekali.

Kali ini, bukan sahaja saya hantuk kedua-dua siku aku, tetapi juga kepala saya and juga tangan (arm, not hand)saya.

Sekarang...saya bagai "onion head" ini >>>>

Saya akan mempamerkan kecederaan saya bila saya ada masa untuk mengambil gambar sebagai memori hari tersebut.

Hari ini juga hari pertama saya berjuang dengan semua orang dalam dunia pekerjaan(working world) Akhirnya, sekurang-kurangnya saya tidak menganggur lagi.

** I don't know why suddenly i want to blog in BM. But at least now i know how merosot my BM is since F5. WTF!

I hope you people understand my BM. Haiz...


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Thursday, April 10, 2008
Pouring a bucket of salt on my wound.

Bad luck week continues like tralalalala....

This morning, dad burst into my room screaming " THE CAR IS GONE! STOLEN!!" sis's silver waja was stolen just like tat , early this morning right under our nose. Haiz...I feel kinda guilty because she left the car to my car and i lost it. Why so bad luck??!?!? It's a mystery as why they wan the waja because there's like Camry and Murano and Merc just next to it.

Anyway, if anyone see the Silver Waja PES 4966 please do let me know, however i highly doubt so. By now, it probably be cut up and be sold as scrap metal...

On top of the bad luck-ness, i realized i actually sprained my ankle (must be from runnin around in kl) Went to the masseuse and he told me actually my ankle is already swollen. -__-

Why so bad luck?!?!??!

Maybe i should be vegetarian for like a week...which is like damn big deal for me as i am pure carnivore >.>


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Tuesday, April 08, 2008
Unluckiest day in my life
Today is the unluckiest day in my life. EVER!

This morning, went KL for an interview with a company i really want to work with. The journey was suppose to take only 4 hours but the stupid bus driver decided to stop at Slim River for lunch, which make me behind schedule by an hour.

When i reach KL, i had to rush over to TAR college to get my certificate (OH GOD! like finally right!). Upon reaching the counter, I was ignored for a good 5 minutes although there's people sitting at their desk and i was like "Hello, Hello, excuse me" wtf wtf wtf

If i weren't rushing around, i would have screwed them upside down for such unfriendliness, plus they are like having open day today, i wanted to created chaos and tell the parents, don't register ur kids with stupid tar already.

I then tried to hail a taxi to Jln Sultan Ismail, but all refuse to take me T___T Finally one fella suggest i stop at Dang Wangi because it's "near" to the place i wanted to go. Just 5 minutes walk.

I believed him. He dropped me at LRT station where the counter people are too lazy to work, so had to buy ticket from machine which don't accept coins and i ended up borrowing 10cent from the kind guy queuing behind me.

So from Dang Wangi, i started walking towards Concorde Hotel like a blind mouse, so far! wtf, no sign of central plaza. Then i asked some pedestrian, which told me it's quite far. So i took a cab, that cost me RM7 for less than 5 minutes of ride.

By that time, i was already late for interview, confused, tired and stress out. Most stressful part was the interviewer was actually the director himself, Ang Moh from USA. 3 against 1. Performed way below my own expectation and standard. SO DISAPPOINTED WITH MYSELF, i wanna go jump from a building. It always happen with me when it comes to interview with job i want badly. I get tongue tied and brain dead. Like some useless retarded that ventured into the interview aimlessly.

After the disastrous interview, i just wanna go home. It was rush hour, again no taxi would take me to the old ktm station. Finally found one that charge me RM15 and assured he know where it is.


He don't even know where it is and i had to ask him to stop so i can ran across the road. When i was running, BOTH side of my shoe got spoilt in the middle of kl road. I had to ran barefooted on the street of KL towards the NICE office lugging along my backpack. And the bus left 5 minutes ago because of the blardy stupid idiotic taxi driver

Luckily or not, i brought along another pair of shoe. So while putting on the other pair of shoe, i asked to change the ticket, which i already bought earlier on. No bus until 10PM. RM60 got burned again...

Fine, i went pudu by taxi again and finally got on the 630pm bus at RM30

Did anyone notice that i did not mention food or drinks? Thats because i did not drink or eat anything from 730AM till 1130PM... i am surprised by my ability of forgetting hunger. Totally superb. o_0

Thanks to Hongz and Christal for listening to me ranting on the phone. I really nearly cried because of the really really bad day i had today. So damn stress out and emo i think all my hair turned white.

I hope by telling you about my bad day, it makes you feel much better about your life. Thinking that, maybe your day wasn't that bad after all -____-


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Monday, April 07, 2008
KL again~ I've been going to kl like going home...Arghhhh~~~

Damn sien ady..!!
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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Okie! 3rd rant on the college already.

Don't they know what is customer service? We, as paying student are also considered as customers okie! Hmm!!! wtf.

If you remember the latest incident i have with tar... Well... apparently the 4th attempt to get my certificate was rejected as well.

The reason being is that the letter that was hand written this time does not have a specific address on top. Okie, it might had been a long time since i've written any very formal letter but does the address really matter that much?

5th attempt: DENIED!! They want TL to show them the envelope as proof that i really send him the letter. I don't know the people are so damn strict loh~~~ I wan to die from this issue already. My friend gave up already. WTF!

I was really fuming over this matter and it just spoilt my lovely lovely girlish afternoon which i shall blog about some other day.

Anyway, to neutralize all the angry vibe in my blog, let me share with you my favourite youtube video of all time. The HAHA video. So damn cute lohhh... can melt

And also this video which is a must watch! The little 5 yr old girl is blind and she can play piano excellently prior to any lesson. Amazingly gifted angel.


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Tuesday, April 01, 2008
Watching the Nessie story
Last night, I went for Water Horse the movie. It's was not bad, part of it was just alil draggish for me. Anyway, when i was a little girl, i was very obsessed with the Loch Ness monster and vowed that i shall go there one day!

And then i did really went! Woohoo~~ The Loch was magnificent. If i am given the opportunity again to go for another Scotland road trip, it would have been a definite YES. Although it was really tiring, driving most of the time and eating breakfast off the trunk of the car and even sleeping in the car...very very cold experience...

Watching the movie makes me miss stint in UK.. What more with the Scottish accent and location being filmed in places that looks so familiar. Makes me a somber person now.

Moving on. My latest obsessions is with fake eyelashes. HAHAHA Makes me eye look so much bigger.

I likey.

Very pointless and bimbotic post. i know.

BTW, today is april fool's day and i managed to punk'ed not 1 but 2 of my dearies. Pwah was too quick to know. The other 2 totally bought it...hehehe.. That's a first for me... not getting fooled but fooling others. hoohohohoh...

Today is the only day of the year that i am very alert because i am an easy target for the rest of the people. Sad but true -____ -


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