Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Okie! 3rd rant on the college already.

Don't they know what is customer service? We, as paying student are also considered as customers okie! Hmm!!! wtf.

If you remember the latest incident i have with tar... Well... apparently the 4th attempt to get my certificate was rejected as well.

The reason being is that the letter that was hand written this time does not have a specific address on top. Okie, it might had been a long time since i've written any very formal letter but does the address really matter that much?

5th attempt: DENIED!! They want TL to show them the envelope as proof that i really send him the letter. I don't know the people are so damn strict loh~~~ I wan to die from this issue already. My friend gave up already. WTF!

I was really fuming over this matter and it just spoilt my lovely lovely girlish afternoon which i shall blog about some other day.

Anyway, to neutralize all the angry vibe in my blog, let me share with you my favourite youtube video of all time. The HAHA video. So damn cute lohhh... can melt

And also this video which is a must watch! The little 5 yr old girl is blind and she can play piano excellently prior to any lesson. Amazingly gifted angel.


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