Tuesday, April 01, 2008
Watching the Nessie story
Last night, I went for Water Horse the movie. It's was not bad, part of it was just alil draggish for me. Anyway, when i was a little girl, i was very obsessed with the Loch Ness monster and vowed that i shall go there one day!

And then i did really went! Woohoo~~ The Loch was magnificent. If i am given the opportunity again to go for another Scotland road trip, it would have been a definite YES. Although it was really tiring, driving most of the time and eating breakfast off the trunk of the car and even sleeping in the car...very very cold experience...

Watching the movie makes me miss stint in UK.. What more with the Scottish accent and location being filmed in places that looks so familiar. Makes me a somber person now.

Moving on. My latest obsessions is with fake eyelashes. HAHAHA Makes me eye look so much bigger.

I likey.

Very pointless and bimbotic post. i know.

BTW, today is april fool's day and i managed to punk'ed not 1 but 2 of my dearies. Pwah was too quick to know. The other 2 totally bought it...hehehe.. That's a first for me... not getting fooled but fooling others. hoohohohoh...

Today is the only day of the year that i am very alert because i am an easy target for the rest of the people. Sad but true -____ -


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