Friday, May 30, 2008
I want
I want to be able to achieve something in my career and not just sit around doing nothing and appearing to be a useless person in the office. I’ve been slowly sipping my cup of coffee and rereading my emails for the past 2 hours because I have no task on hand at all. Might be something that many wants but I want to be buried under a lot of work sometimes, so I can feel the sense of satisfaction when I’ve finally complete it (abit mental). Then I can also reward myself fully by going out or buying something that I’ve really wanted.

I want to be able to blog about anything just like how it used to be. A blog now read by many strangers doesn’t give me the freedom to do so anymore.

I want to be able to break free from the Asian mold and go back to the country life i once live and long to belong. I realized i was a much happier person then. The only work stress i have is the boss will force me to eat 1 more bowl of rice. The effort I need to put into my work is 10X less than what is needed from me now, yet earning at least 3X more of what i am earning now.

I want to be able to go back to Europe someday for at least 3 weeks, just backpacking. THEN I can really die in peace. So many places waiting to be explore yet my bank balance, responsibilities and commitments over here does not allow so. It will get worse as years go by, i believe.

This is what I want now, but i think it will change, maybe tonight or next year. For now, I just want to live my life.

I want to be successful in my life in my own way.

Like I always say to myself or others " Live each day as though it's your last"


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Thursday, May 29, 2008
I am a clubbing directory, not!
Last night, i was minding my own business and then suddenly Beep Beep...

the sms reads,

Hey, where u going clubbing this weekend? Where's happening? I wanna go with you.

I'm like -___- I haven't clubbin for quite some time myself. One saturday was even spend hanging out at a friends house watching StepUp on astro. Yes, saturday night, spend watching hawt people dancing to hawt music.

I don't even know whats the latest song, except david cook's (yay! he won american idol)

age is catching up and showing too of late.. T__T

worse part is, i even owned a Tesco card......


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Tuesday, May 27, 2008
Dubai Day One
A long overdue post from January -__-|||

Nevermind, better late than never. I must blog about my travel! I must! I must! I must! I must!

So many moons ago, to be exact, 29th of January, I left beloved UK to Dubai. We (me and Jin) got there at around 6AM and reached the hotel before 7am. We specifically requested to check-in early and yet, we were informed that no rooms are ready at the moment.

So the very jetlag and tired us, just waited at the lobby until 12PM!! After complaining countless of time (me) and passing out on the couch (Jin), we finally got into our free upgraded room. Actually upgrade or not, the room rates at Dubai is still insanely expensive. Normal room already cost RM400. The upgraded room rate is RM1000 per night. FOR THIS KINDA ROOM! damn lousy... The only exclusive thing is that it comes with a living area and an extra bed.

Dusty Dubai

We booked ourselves a "Desert Safari" tour which can be considered as cheap as it cost less than RM150 each for 6hrs inclusive of dinner, and throw in some lousy freebies that i will rant on below. The driver said they gonna pick us up at 2pm so we choose to sleep over food...hahaha

We headed out towards the desert with 2 austrians, Christina and Sabrina who is on the way back home from Australia and 2 germans aunties. On the way, we saw the infamous airconditioned bus stop of Dubaiii....

Reach a meeting stop, which also translates into tourist trap. They encourage u to have stupid camel ride, or go ride the sand motor (whatever it's called) that is way overcharge.

I just take a photo with it and that's free :) :) Cheapskates hahahhahaha

Then comes the BEST PART of the whole trip. Dune bashing ;D

I underestimate the excitement the drive would give us. It's a rollercoaster ride with the skillful drivers taking huge dives down and tyres skidding dangerously just at the slope of the desert dunes. Unfortunately for us, the auntie in the car kept screaming "NEIN! NEIN!" which is NO!NO! =__= So our car was quite safe la...haiz...

Amazing views! The convoy stops at a few spots for us to take photos.

We taking photos with sands in our hands, u think we are jakun? We witness some chinese counterparts rolling down the sands =__=

With Sabrina and Christina, me, Jin...

One of the attractions was watching the sunset...It's like we were chasing the sun across the desert. Great memories, once is enough for me. My current facebook profile photo..SunGoddess :)

The sun sets real fast and before we knew it, we were heading towards the "traditional desert bbq dinner". In short, it's like eating satay only. Nothing to shout about, that's why i hate tours. Oh, before we enter the camp like place for dinner, we can have our free camel ride...

Which is absofuckinlutely the lamest thing I've ever seen. You queue for ages and and when it's your turn, your go in 1 lame round which is like less than 5 minutes, about 4 parking bays put together space. You are back on ur feet even before you finish saying WTF, wtf =__= That's is why i hate tours.

And a pair of arabian brothers had no manners instilled in their brains at all!! No doubt they are very good looking but they don't have the right to push people around even in their huge Polo shirt, with the horse so damn big on their blardy chest it's blinding the people around them. Damn kiasu okie! I can recognize those 2 anywhere and i hate them. Pushing everyone around as if it's their birth right to be prioritize. NO! damn it, You have to queue up like every other hungry and bothered tourist~

Anyway, during the dinner, some performances was on as well. Namely the belly dancing and some turkish guy in huge colourful skirt that spins non-stop.. The belly dancing, well, you can watch MTV or youtube any r&b or ghetto videos, you definately can find some better. Especially shakira. hahaha Here's a video for the sake of it.

The shisha booth which is free :) and where i spent most of my evening waiting for time to past, and away from throngs of tourist.

Stay tune for PART 2.. I shall update it asap.

I'm going bangkok soon! and it'll be my first time in Bangkok! I'll appreciate any advice or tips from anyone out there. hehehe. Thanks in advance yo!

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Monday, May 26, 2008
I'm the best la...seriously
You know why?

I went lunch with wanster this afternoon and then after lunch....
*Pressing unlock button remote at car*
Eh, how come it doesn’t work wan??
Normally it works, maybe low battery already
But the indicator light is still on, so it should work…
Where is your car sensor located?
At the back lo...

As I walk towards the back of the car, still pressing the unlock button on the remote, I suddenly noticed huges bags of tea leaves at the back seat……
Which my car doesn’t have

I WENT TO THE WRONG CAR!!! Plus, I removed all the papers at the windscreen dengan selamba sekali…

No wonder the remote doesn’t work…it’s because it wont regconise another car -___-

And I watch Indiana Jones for the second time yesterday. Cate Blanchett was very good!!

That is why, i am the best la... :)


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Thursday, May 22, 2008
China Earthquake
This is one of the many mysterious things people with too much time on their hand found out.

A part of a poem from Li Bai, chinese poet that died long long long time ago


leftest row downward, then rightest row downward.

Translate: Beijing olympic, Szechuan earthquake. From the day of the earthquake to olympics, its 88days in total. Beijing olympic starts 08/08/08


winter disaster? remember the blizzard


tibetien depending for independences, "ren chai"


Lastly, earthquake

1 2 5=08

3 1 4=08

5 1 2=08

Spooky or not?

Apart from that, it's one of the saddest disaster that is happening in our time, both at the same time (Myanmar). This is the time where we can see all the humanity that we thought we had lost to materialistic needs.

Reading those emails i got, its just so sad~ The baby kept alive by the dead mom. School teacher died. Parents died...and the list go on and on and on..

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008
I confess..
I've been ignoring my blog while slutting away on Facebook day and night.

Goddamnit, i'm such a convert.

On the other hand, I survived and past the 2-days-work-mark. Yay!! Nothing to complain bout my job currently, I actually kinda liked it too, for now, as I still hadn't really got really involve YET!

Furthermore, today's my 5th day and i'm already on MC =_____= I know, stupid right. But i woke up with very very red and stinging eyes so i stayed home. I strained my eyeballs according to Dr. hmmmm...

Yet, many questioned me on Msn that i strained my eyes from staring at computer for too long what am i STILL doing online??

AHAhaHAHHA... beats me!


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Tuesday, May 13, 2008
Holiday is over.
Officially tomorrow I will re-enter the rat race. This time I swear I will not resign after 2 days anymore -__ - I swear i swear i swear...

Without really noticing, I've spend 2 months jollying around, going for interview after interviews, doing odd jobs in between, quiting jobs, having an unbelievable amount of bad lucks, rejecting offers, and kept going for more interviews.

Finally, I've found a job that I think I will like in a company that I feel like home, well literally since I've been working for that company, X for so many times, i lost count. The only think I am not happy is the salary. Well, as many had advice, just take it, then look for more, or ask for increment after the probation period, which is exactly what i had in mind.

With that, I'm again flung into the rat race scrambling hard to get the big piece of cheese at the top of the ladder.

Good bye to life of sleeping late till the sun shines my bum, late brunches and late session at mamak or sega for a pint or two. I've sold my soul to the FIZ slavery zone. I shall miss my weekedays afternoon pedicure session or lok lok at padang. The jam free roads...and all the afternoon tai tai -dom activities. T__T Bye to dreamy dreamy, hello corporate

On another note, the police actually found the stolen waja. Apparently it's part of a syndicate that has this master key that can unlock wajas. They actually stoled 13 wajas!!! and intended to smuggle it to our neighbouring countries. Wau! We are so lucky to actually get it back in 1 piece, I'm still able to drive it around just now. phewwwww...!

Anyway, since i'll be working already, this blog will again be a place for me to channel all the frustration. Rants and rants ahead...full steam ahead!!

Wish me luck!!!! I don't need another dose of dodgy colleague


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Friday, May 09, 2008
verbal diarhea of rpk and josef fritzl
I was asked to blog...and i shall

But what should i blog about? The hot political issues that is going on right now in Malaysia. Well, i don't think so because there's too many out there that blogs about it much better than me such as the doctor to be ACS. Side note on that, i really do respect RPK decision on denying the bail in the first place, well of course we can guess WHY does he choose to do so. He is one of the kind. The kind that will change a country.

Maybe i should blog about all the backlogs travel post I've been meaning to blog about. I must blog about, it's part of my life which i misses so much. In about a month time, it will be again the day i left to UK and now here i am, sitting in my room, in this everlasting summer continent.

Or I shall blog about the life of an unemployed. STILL an unemployed. There's nothing much happening really, that's why the lack of post. Whoever says that bloggers do not have a life, is an ignorant person. Without a well rounded social life, what have you left with to blog about? Well, that's for me and i believe a huge percentage of the bloggers nowadays.

I intended to have a short post but i guess i am a very long winded kinda person, there seems to be endless things for me to rant on and on. Maybe i should change the way i wear my hair, a new colour to it perhaps? or should i change the colour of my nails, another session of pedicure, coming right up~

One thing i must highlight here is the horror that's happened in such an lovely and quiet country of Austria. Imagine! It's the place where Sound of Music is based on. That's like one of my movies of all time. Yet, such monstrous act still happen up to now. Our time of civilization and european people are suppose to be ahead of us in this aspect.

If you are still living under the rock, let me enlighten you. Last week, a family was found hidden in a dungeon underground for 24years, held captive by their father/grandfather. Yes, this Josef Fritzl held his daughter captive for 24years in a dungeon and made her his sex slave. Worse case scenario, she gave birth to 7 children fathered by her own fathered and 1 died shortly after birth.
This kind of asshole should just be sentenced to slow torturous death without trial. What is there to debate or fight for anymore?? The children has never seen daylight before in their entire life and communicates with growl and weird noises because they are reluctant to speak. The youngest children, at 5 years prefer to crawl around instead of walking and when they first saw the moon, they squeal with excitement.


He is just a raper, a murderer, a killer, whatever, worse than an animal because animals are loveable. What more when he tell his wife their daughter ran away to join a cult and left few children on their doorsteps. I shall say the wife is quite stupid also..If you are interested on reading, i believe you can use a website called google to look into it more.

I am now feeling emo and sad....


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Monday, May 05, 2008
Penang World Music Festival 2008
Out of the 3 days the festival was held, i only managed to attend the last day which is on Sunday. Tickets of RM50 was abit expensive to me however after attending the festival for less than an hour, I already regret the decision of not going for Friday and Saturday and made decision to attend the one held next year.

It was awesome!

At first i thought it would rain since it did earlier on Sunday, but i was persistent on going, rain or shine. Fearing the worse from the weather and the crowd, we went early equip with umbrella and newspapers(to sit on). I was very impressed by how organized the whole event was. They have vans shuttling people from youth park to botanical garden, to prevent jam at the 2 lane road. Kudos on that!
The stage was impressive as well as the sound systems and lighting.
Our dinner from the stalls.

The first performer of the night, Techung from Tibet but born in India, raised in America. It's a very mountain-ny kind of genre. It's something really different. Just look at the natural backdrop that sheer curtains and lightning can create.

The next one, which is also my favorite act of the night. Balfa Tuojours from USA but sings in french.
They have a fiddler and accordion as well. Very country kinda music and super lively. I Likey! They had the crowd all hype up and dancing. I was clapping along their whole performance : ))

Next up is
LO COR DE LA PLANA from France. The group that sang about LOVE, which they pronounced as LOAF. They are good. Acapella groups and percussionists. The last song they performed was actually a Christmas song. Yea, they wished Merry Christmas to us in May -__- however, it sound more like a war song to us. HAAHAAHAHA

The quirky and the weirdest of all,
AFENGINN from Denmark. They had a member that's dressed in pink with long dreadlocks. What would you think?
Anyway, the music they played was very interesting as they infused the "circus tune" into their fast tempo songs, with the dreadlock guy playing a banjo. Most of their songs are fast beat and dreadlock man was head banging throughout the whole performances.

They also made us do an action which is shouting "Ooompah!!!!" while pumping ur fist into the air. Which reminds me of ommpa lompa marching =___=

Final performance of the night was Kenge Kenge from Kenya. Oh my, they can all shake their booty real fine..ahahah... better than beyonce in her "uh oh uh oh" video. Watch the video below.

The finale where most of the performers from all 3 days came out for the final ovation from the crowd.

In a nut shell, the venue was brilliant, cooling with all the trees around us, the performers was awesome, the crowd was great, people smiling and enjoying moments of it, no matter young or old. With a great company, you will never go wrong in such rare event.

See you there, 2009.

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Sunday, May 04, 2008
Some stupid videos from youtube
Are you going? Today is the final day already.. Almost every where i go, i hear people talking about it. so i shalll go!! Despite the expensive ticket hahaha ...

Something I've been meaning to share which i stole from

Americans are really abit dumb. Now i know i am much much much more smarter than alot of people HAHAH

Is Kofi Annan a drink? - YES!
Is Starwars based on a true story? - YES!
Name a country that begins with U. - Yugoslavia....

Can die i tell you..

This video recommended by AUDREY is just pure funny! It makes T-Pain look stupid but he's also laughing at it himself.
Butternut Reduction~
I'm at the entrance, I'm RIGHT HERE!!!



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Thursday, May 01, 2008
Just because i want to keep this blog alive

The things i did recently made me realize that no one is out of anyone's league. Certain people I've met recently is the people that I thought i would know in my dreams.

Most would say my dream came true finally, but do you really know what is my dream? There is no happy ending to MY story until I agree it is one.

However, perception of people will always be the reality in life.

Should I work like what others wished, just settle for whatever that is thrown my way ... or should i really follow my dreams even knowing the chances of succeeding is near to zero?

Night falls once again and I shall go ponder upon my thoughts before I call it a day.


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