Friday, June 27, 2008
When photos speaks for "itselves"
My week in photo again.

Akibat engrish not good and time constraint. Dahlah, not my engrish was good at any point of time also ahhaha.

My employer must be paying some "colleague" very well to be able to afford such nice ride. Hmm...why all that i can afford is a Kenari that's still belong to be bank T__T

The ratty-tatty flats that i love so much. It had been to as many places as i have been. Bought it for a cheap 8 or 6pd from Primark, Blackpool and it had since step on spain, portugal, most of GB, venice and dubai's soil. cool travel companion huh...

Lunch buddies(tiga sekawan) that will soon become travel buddies too :D

It had been years in words that we wanted to go somewhere together but now, NOW, finally, we are putting our words into actions. Scandalious during lunchtime today ~ 2nd round for them.

*Don't be cheated by their cute and innocent looks! They have been plotting to rob my belongings off me hours before lunchtime. Why am i blessed with such loving and attentive friends? they know what i have or don't have -__- )

Last weekend was spend in KL catching up with friends from random channel. First up, CLong. The usual "what do you wanna eat?" came up and took us for a ride from mutiara damansar to "damansara phileo area, the place around HELP college" to Jln Raja Chulan! The RM2.70/L petrol wasting ride brought us to Palate Palatte. The much spoken place for junkyard sale among fashionistas.

The enviroment, no doubt, was fab. The food did not live up to my expectation at all. The passionfruit juice was bland. The fish and chips, er..just rename it as fish fingers and chips la... I know the photo is blur and dark but i like

Other than that, the place is still worth a visit. Quirky designs.

I think all the chairs there are different. The one an auntie was sitting on actually has a pair of white wings. Woo.. i like tat one.

The met up of the randoms at the apartment(kl hangout places are so domesticated ie laundry). Blogger vs lawyer.

I bought lamb shank for Christal's birthday present. In exchange for my kindness, i got the last necklace available in Topshop that i love, at my own expensese of course.

Last day in KL was not spend in vain. DivaLisa, Raymond, Audrey and me went into a battle mode with our stomach. We went JOGOYA! muahahaha. Goal was simple: Stuff ourselves silly :)

If anyone is still reading at this point, why, thank you :)

Other than eating, I'm also filling up my time by reading the blog of the current man of my life.

I've been listening to his sweet voice day in and out, i know all his songs by heart <3>

I never knew such person still exist in the world now.

I'm off to KL once again, with my trusty backpack :) Have a great weekend!!

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Wednesday, June 25, 2008
Made of Honor (& Scotland)
Yesterday was our department team building, so we were treated to a movie, a treasure hunt (which i'll elaborate in the next post) and a dinner. and YAY! We won 3rd placing for the hunt! Go Gold!!

The movie we choose was well, obviously Made of Honor.

Oh! The movie genre was my favourite. Romantic comedy, a chick flick which i absolutely adore :D

Now, the movie will bring us over to Scotland because Colin is a scottish duke who plays the bagpipe -__-

Anyway, while watching it.. I saw so many places that I've been which flushes me away with memories from last summer. If you had watched the movie, you might regconize some of the scenes from my photo.

#1 On the way to Isle of Skye..We drove there, Sheffield/Liverpool > Edinburgh > Isle of skye total we drove at least 7hours that day alone. Unlike the movie, we drove all the way there because we were too late to catch the boat. The bridge!! Oh dear...

#2 Can you spot the bridge? Now so small and insignificant in the fuller viewer. Yes, this is how the highland looks like.

The pink haggis mentioned in the movie...We tried it too!! It's actually quite yummy. Not as disgusting and scary as it is IF you have it nicely...The one we had at the kebab store was kinda horrible though..

#3 The magnificent GlenCoe. This is definitely one of the most scenic place to travel by car. ACS, before u balik penang, please go.

Ahh.. I couldn't seem to find the castle photo at all!! This will do.. Behind this castle lies Loch Ness Monster...

#4 The lighthouse that Tom had to pass when he was riding the horse around the coast to the small church. Hahaha It's a totally different location.

Back to the movie. I believe many a times the same situation happens, either you are Tom or Hannah. Just look at how many movies has been made with the same storyline, 27 Dresses or My Best Friend Wedding(my fav!)

Tom might want to be with you NOW, just because he is afraid of losing you but he might be back to his old self once he got you. Colin is the PERFECT guy but with minor flaws and you don't really know him that well...

Will you choose Tom or Colin then?

Based on such romantic and senseless kinda person that I am, i would definitely choose Tom!! Brownie point for him just coz he is Dr. McDreamy... :)

REMEMBER GUYS! Friends not for a summer or just a spring. I miss the moments :(

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008
When migraine hits
Was feeling sick the entire day for yesterday. Head like wanna explode.
Went back early after work and start sleeping...until this morning.
Hohoho. Queen of sleeping. No contender.
People always say, "Chase your dream!"
Go back to sleep lo :)
Anyone out there kind enough to guide this noob through setting up her website? Like uploading/downloading wordpress? Please?


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Saturday, June 21, 2008
Photos Log
Pictures taken with my phone on a random Thursday afternoon after work.

#1 - On the way to get my car, and then i realize, Wow...Penang skies are really nice too :) To justify that comment, i have always love to look at the skies when i was in Sheffield because it's not glaring and not hot. Clouds often form very pleasing shapes to look and be dreamy :)

#2 - A photo i took on the way back to uni from The Moor last year. I was admiring the skies too -__-

#3 - Water wastage, pipe burst and water flowing everywhere. Haiz, global warming. everything can blame on that hahaha

#4 - Cupcake breakfast that Florence gave me. Very sweet though...HAhaha Thanks flo...

#5 - A small coffee shop that used to be just a burger stall. Now it's a full fledged operating coffee shop. Why is no one is stopping them wan le? Shouldn't this be illegal? Somemore it's at a junction.

#6 - Baby Jaz that kena scissored! Hahaha.. Look at her lioness head, fat body and twiggy leg.

Off to KL now. Toodles !


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Friday, June 20, 2008
OMG! I've just died, went to heaven and fell back on earth.
I think that's probably one of my title post in a long long time!

But that's exactly how i feel now!! *insert ALL excited girlish squeling*

I was reading pinkpau just now and then suddenly i came across JASON MRAZ written on her blog.


Jason Mraz is coming to singapore this August!


Okie, now back to earth...

THE downside of the whole thing is that, Jason Mraz will only be one of the acts performing at Singfest 2008. Boo!

And the tickets are 300Sgd for weekend pass...double Boo!

and it's held in Singapore. Think transportation and accomodation cost


However, it's like the mother of all music festival. You can catch your favourite band/singer thats performing there in 1 shoot. Like Alicia Keys, Travis, or Pan!c at the disco.

Unfortunately for me, i don't think any of my friends are willing to go to such events with me :(

Anyone still interested in going? Actually i am really really keen on going. It's all for Mraz. Just anyone want to share the joy and excitement with me? Then consider me there with you..

Better still..

Anyone wanna sponsor me or let me go for free? Anyone? I can write damn good reviews if i want to! *hard selling already*

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008
RM30 <150KM
That's how much it cost me.

Blardy hell.

I can clock up to about 350km per week on average with ease.

That's just so blardy expensive.

By the way, I queued and got my subsidy today during lunch with LadyCow. In less than 24 hours, the RM625 was equally distributed. 70% went to car installment and the $50 to feed the car, and the rest? Concert ticket -_____-

In a long run, i dont see the subsidy will help us in any way at all.

"Change your lifestyle!!" - Urge from the orang atasan.

Sure, we will try to change our lifestyle as best as we could, not because we want to, is cos we have no other choice. but you will also have to help us because you are suppose to be. We pay for your expensive mansions, yacht and wheels remember?

The lump sum of money you receive monthly is not charity, its salary.

You will need to help us by improving the rubbish public transportation that we have so that we can secure our job by turning up for work. Why not improve the safety too because we will need to walk around more and leave the safety of our car as we could no longer afford to use them ?

But i forget that everything has become more expensive, and thus pushing the desperate to do what desperate people will do in order to survive this cruel world -> Crime.

You will need to help maintain the food price. Especially the staple food of Asians, Rice. The price for it had skyrocketed like nobody's business and now I think we will all eventually have to grow our own and eat potatoes to survive.

Changing lifestyle will mean going out less, staying home more. Economy will slump as buying power slow down, inflation increase, everyone will be stingy like hell. Who will benefit at this?

Remember when you stay home, you will have to keep yourself entertained..via TV, astro, internet, computers, aircon and fans = electricity = tnb = price will increase in lieu.

This had been mentioned time over time and I'm getting so sick of it already but yet!! If you want to compare our lifestyle, please compare it dollar to dollar. Come on la, our living standard is freaking low yet living expense is sky high! Why not compare that instead of oil prices with non oil producing countries?

I believe in UK, with a steady income of 2.2k, you could live comfortably in a studio flat, drive a car(CHEAP) and eat out once in awhile, take a walk in a park, enjoy life, be young!

Over here, we are struggling to breathe. Walk in a park, hahahaha, kena rompak got la. Pay petrol to get there, pay illegal parking attendants that does nothing but stare threateningly at you. Actually we wont have the time to go also, as we will be working past working hrs.

Worse is when people tell me, hey, be grateful when u get a job that pays you 1.8. I say, you people are the ones that spoil the whole employing market. Accept so much lesser than what you know you are worth. And this is the kind of attitude we get throughout asia.


i say, no more friend. Enough. change la...Malaysians are no longer so naive and eat watever words you have on the media.


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Tuesday, June 17, 2008
Did i get your attention now?
I found out that once one changes their status be it on Facebook or Friendster (still got meh?) or put some misleading captions on their MSN...

Alot of friends that were once speaking friends but now turn into just another contact, will send you a msg out of the blue(actually no, they want to acknowledge their existence)..can be as simply hinting one as

"WUuuuuooooooo" *eyebrows moving up and down*


"Wau! I noticed you are attached finally? Who issit? From where wan? Working or studying...etc etc etc" Well, you get the drift -_-

Especially when the status changes on facebook.... You'll wonder, WHEN was it exactly did I last spoke with this person. Seems like, a someone in your life could grab their attention towards you faster than screaming at the top of your lungs, waving a flaming branch at them. -___-

This can be a good news...provided you are one attention deficiency whore... or it can be as simply as unwanted attention for low profile ppl yet an action sometimes need to be taken in order to give some affirmation.

Actually all the above is just a pile of bullshit, the message of the whole post is that:-

Facebook is actually a very good public announcement service. HAHAHAHA Save you the embarrassment sometimes.

Godiva chocolate, the one that I chooses to pass in Birmingham last year but it seems to find its way to my tummy afterall :)

It's already halfway pass the week!

1 loud cheer for surviving it !!!! WOOHOOO!!


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Saturday, June 14, 2008
June 14th 2007
Last year, today, I stepped my foot on English soil.

Today, another batch of student left for the time of their life. Except for 1 which i remembered from last year, she was so unhappy she wanted to go back to Malaysia just 1 month after we were there. Screw loose somewhere wan.. Joosing would remember this well..ehehhe

To make things short and sweet, I miss it so so much. I miss it ever since I'm back here in Penang.

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Thursday, June 12, 2008
Jason Mraz - I'm Yours
Jason Mraz, one of the most underrated artist of my time.

I've loved him all along, since his album Waiting For my rocket to come. Since 2003. That's 5 years!!!

I never knew *I* could be so loyal urhmm..

His voice is hauntingly smooth and dreamy with the acoustic sound from guitars(fav sound!) accompanying most of his songs. His love for fedoras, quirky fashion and cute, adorable face. Ahhh...What is there not to love about such guy, especially the way his mouth will go one sided...

I love love love this song even more after watching the mtv. I wanna travel, hitch a ride in some exotic places (and hope the locals are friendly ppl) and jump from a waterfall !! It's the life i've always wanted. I always knew i am a closeted hippie afterall.

It's the perfect song for me to calm myself and clear my mind.


It's the only song on my playlist for the entire afternoon already. Only his voice alone is good enough for me. Of course, I wouldn't mind if one day my name is Eve Mraz :)

Just like the post title say...Jason Mraz, i'm yours

Ben, we shall wait in patient together to see him, yes?

Which got me thinking again about the prediction from the Brazilians guy. Apparently the whole planet earth will be wipe out in 10-15 years time.

That is not a very long time.

What would you do in these 'limited' time that supposedly we all have?
-I will surely travel as much as I can regardless of my career already since we wont have much of a future anyway. Travel travel to wherever my heart takes me....

Will it still be spend foolishly or spend it wisely?
-I will spend it with those i hold jaz.... my season babies, should they choose to spend it with their B's i got no choice then..kuaaa kuaa kuaaa wtf
Dont be afraid to say what we think..since even if we did offend someone, we are all going to die soon anyway...kuaaaa kuaaa -_-

What about you?

We only live life once.....

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008
KungFu Panda!
It's the most highly rated animated movies of all time on my chart!

I was laughing from the beginning till the end. And still laughing when I was out of the cinema!

Highly Highly recommended for a good laugh and stress reliever.

I had so much fun tonight, must be the company :)

It's good to feel just like the old days..


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The weird advert i noticed on the star
hi, did anyone noticed that it's already half way past June? Which means...6 months had already flew past with nothing much been done.

Anyway, today while reading the news online as usual, i noticed something very perocative on the side bar.

It's actually an advert from MAS showing 2 dolphins in what i think a, gif image.
Quickly i print screen it and since I'm in the office now, i only have paint tool which i have no freaking idea on how to use it..hahaha

To make things clearer...the advertisement that *I* saw is actually the 2 dolphin moving back and forth in a very suggestive position..hmmm

HAHAHA.. maybe they should throughly think through an advert before publishing it on the internet for the view of many many many ppl.

So whats up with me today?

Going to watch Kungfu Panda tonight which i think and bet would be ?AWESOME?

and i just found out something which i knew all the while.. I just love to make things more complicated for myself. and i love challenges. I always wants things i canot get. My way of writing on my blog doesnt do justice to what i really wanna say..

Why couldn't life just be easy, breezy and beautiful ?


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Saturday, June 07, 2008
My final piece of memories from UK has arrived!!!
Gloominess for the petrol aside, i am EXHILARATED to know that Sex and the City: The Movie will be showing on our shores! Although almost 2 months later than the rest of the world, but STILLLLLLLLLLLL~~ Weeeee!!!

31st July is the day mate's!

My long awaited precious box has finally arrived at my doorstep here in Malaysia!

My personal belongings from UK... I'm overjoyed!! After waited for 3 months, I am now reunited with my bags and shoes.

I've also throw in a "surprise" for myself before the sealing the box 3 months ago. I bought my favourite junk food and ship it home, knowing that I will surely miss uk. At least i get to have a taste of my fav junk food from there... Walkers and Butterkist Toffee popcorns!!

Ooo..!! I finished 1 packet of walker within a few minutes...wahhaha

With the arrival of the box, it amplify my feeling of yearning to go back even more.

It doesn't help at all when two of my friends inform me of their departure back to the united kingdom.

It doesn't help that the date I went to UK is looming so so near once again. Making me read my achives.

It doesn't help when me and Keneft were reminiscing our memories back then during dinner last week. Our magic fountain joke and Por favor joke that got us cracking up till we were having cramps in our stomach.

Laughing out loud, but actually makes me even sadder within.

The window for my ticket back to UK will be closed by this September and then I'll need to apply for working holiday instead of igs like everybody else if and only if i have the courage and opportunity to chase my dream. If i can turn back time, I wished I would have chosen to stay on. It would have save me from alot of wrinkles and sleepless night.

I've always have big dreams. Dreams I though i am capable of fulfilling.
Things i said like, I dont really want to spend my days in Penang when i am young. Why? There's too much more for me to learn out there. No doubt I love Penang and I will definitely come back to it. I want to work in KL or Singapore, if possible..further...out of Asia. I refuse to comply to the Asian norm. I want to be able to go on a gap year.

But look at where am I now?

Memories I had back then will only be translate into photos that is kept in photo albums which will be placed at a book shelves that will collect dust over time. Photo albums that will only be taken out and pages be flip once in many moons to be smile upon.

Currently listening: I'm Yours - Jason Mraz


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Friday, June 06, 2008
I'm gonna paste the whole post of buaya blogpost on the petrol here.

As always, kokokrunch writes very political post which is impossible for me to churn out. It's a damn long one, but surely worth reading.

From Whatablog!!!, the person that think he is more handsome than Beckham (always living in denial, haix)


Magic number for this saturday's Magnum, Kuda and Toto. 0270.

Increased 73 cents.


In Malaysia i go around with my ex5. Used to be RM3.50 to full tank when i started in Form 3.

Then, it became RM4.00...RM4.50....

Now i think at least RM8.50

What else can u say about PM Abdullah?

My Facebook Wall for Mr Abdullah:

You see Mr Abdullah... everyone has a role to play in this world.

Some, small potato like penjual kacangs have got their role, albeit how small it is.

But you...are different, your role is big, bigger than your head.

You are the great, excellency, beloved, well respected PM. Your ass is highly soughted after for ass kisser. Your suggestions, actions and anything you do and say, will get yes'es from entire cabinet, and BN leaders (for Gerakan and MIC leaders)of course.

If you were to perform in brand new Malaysia Got Talents programme, I am sure all 3 judges will give u 3 yes'es, en route performing for the King in the Agong's Variety Show, and u dun have to dance like George or sing like Paul.

You need to do something more than just increasing the cost of petroleum to astonishing RM2.70.

But, you blamed the global petrol price. Fair enough.

Hey, we paid for your super yatch in Turkey so that you will look after us. If there is an increase of cost in petroleum, let say Petronas didnt earn enough money to cover for our subsidy, and the increase of petroleum is inevitable; offer us solutions! alternatives!

I am not asking your multimillion flop of the Biotechnology Corporation which you launched not long after becoming PM and you chaired the board of panel, to produce alternative source of energy, like Abdulleum. Not something that brilliant.

First and foremost; offer us public transport. Like what you always like to say, petroleum in Singapore is more expensive. UK also even worst, around 1.10 - 1.30 pds per litre, so expensive.But my esteemable PM, they have some of the best public transport services in the world. No matter how expensive is the petroleum, that is not their main concern.

You conveniently increase the price of petroleum, but bus, train, lrt service still maintain their ineffectiveness and insignificant performance.

I say you din make enough effort to revamp the transportation system.

Call up Mr Ong Tee Keat.

Tell him, I am giving you 100 billion. DO whatever you wanna do. I dunwan to see Ling Liong
Sik's Emrail Corp makan duit again. I dont want to see Malaysian Government paying a few hundreds million to Hicom coz some ppl makan duit somewhere in that long red tape of process.
I want to see results.

I want to see the ppl to travel around in public transports, not because of the uncountable number of tolls, not because of jam, not because of petroleum price, but because public transports are effective, they are punctual, the service is good.

I want you to connect the east coast with railways. Improve the rail services in west coast. They are taking too long to evolve. Why we have KLIA Express travelling at the speed 160 km/hr, a symbol of modern Malaysia, while our KTM intercity is travelling at a snail speed of 80km/hr. The electrification and double rail tracking of the entire KTM intercity lines need to be done now, and NOW.

Thats the way you need to go if you want to increase petroleum price, my beloved PM. You have a problem. You didnt solve it. You passed it down to us, the rakyat.

Now Mr PM, just sit and wait for more memorandums from all kinds of trader societies and associations. Bus companies, lorry operators, etc etc, semua will come to you and asking you for the permission to increase the price.

You will have to say yes, coz you passed the problem to them earlier, and they will have no choice but to throw it back to you, and you will have to throw it back to us, the rakyat, yet again.

And then trade unions will come to you, asking you to increase wages. And you will then say no, coz that would be a problem to you, coz Petronas is not earning enough for the country. So, yet again, you will have to throw back the problem to us, the rakyat.

Just one last question Mr PM,

Are the cabinet ministers still having the RM 100 petroleum allowance a day as long as you can find Shell? Or you increase it to RM200 today?

I love Malaysia more than anyone else that I know, I can assure you that.

But I believed with this kind of administration, more and more will hope their house happened to be in that tiny Pulau Batu Puteh.

Yang Kurang Benar:


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Wednesday, June 04, 2008
Here we go again
Expect to see post regarding the very recent petrol and tnb price hike growing like mushroom after a rain.

Luckily for me, my friend was with me last night and advice me to go full tank first, since there will be an increase anyway.

Luckily for me, I did so as I would have skip the mad rush for petrol today after the announcement.

Luckily for me, I manage to leave work and avoid the crazy, crazy jam that followed suit. My brother was stuck in the jam for 2 hours. From McD greenlane to Caltex Greenlane. 2.freaking.hours.

But, I can avoid once, I can't avoid from filling up my tank forever.

It seems like dooms day had arrived today. With the announcement of more than 40% increase from the current price RM1.90 per liter to RM2.70 per liter, comes a flash flood hitting KL and causing traffic jam all over malaysia.


Thank you la, our dear gahman. I just bought new car, this is the best present you can give me. Seriously, thank you la.

Abit too much right? Even last time in UK, the gas is lik 1-2 pounds, but their cars are very cheap. Just like many other countries that doesn't burden their citizen with double expenses. But over here, petrol expensive, car lagi expensive.

WORST part is the messed up public transportation. Without car, we will not be able to go work or get around easily, or punctually. How can we depend on the gahmen?

Paklala decision this time i think is in favor to our former pm's current mission. People are already angry at the decision that will eventually break the shoulders of us, the young working people.

please la...its so unreasonable. Help me understand why we need subsidies and bear the prices when the petroleum comes from our country itself?


Tomorrow...we shall see a good show again...

here we go again...


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Tuesday, June 03, 2008
My first investment/liability
I know i should have blogged bout it long time, like 2 weeks ago...but i was lazy busy.

So now i have a commitment in my life. Can't live like how i used to. Canot afford not to work as need to pay installment and such.

My first car!!! I've always like Kenari for it's height and surprise how spacious it is. It has been a decision between a kelisa, myvi or kenari....Now after driving around it for 2 weeks, i love it even more because it's so small, i can squeeze my way in traffic...WAHAHAHHAAH

Although it looks a bit like 29 car, but still i like it alot...cos it's shiny shiny. Hitam itu mutu tinggi :)

Today during lunch with LadyCow and Butt, we were comparing our company id tag and working life.

Listening to our conversation, our life are now filled with team building, meetings, issues, company benefits and responsibilities.

My friends, we have moved into the next phase in our life....

i miss being silly.. T__T


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Monday, June 02, 2008
Remember to wear seatbelt yo!
Effective of yesterday, those sitting at the backseat in any vehicle must wear seatbelt as well...

means, more opportunities to treat our "keng chat kor kor" kopi and also canot sleep or guling around at the backseat T___T

This is a community message brought to you

*plays end of announcement jingle*

At least tomorrow is not Monday...

Any tips for me when i visit Bangkok?


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Sunday, June 01, 2008
I love my weekends, it's all about sleeping and food
Gawd~ Now I really appreciate the time i spend at home, doing nothing, watching the idiot box and just surfing the net...most importantly, sleep past noon or during hot afternoon.

Since it has been a while i posted food recommendation around Penang, here goes 2.

Frankie Western Food. A fusion style western food that operates at the very busy pulau tikus junction. Quite expensive if u consider the environment of the whole place (coffee shop) yet, the quality and amount of food you will be able to savor makes everything seems perfect.

a glutton like me, wont mind eating at a lorong if the food is heavenly... I did that once, in Melaka...damn nice the cockle shells.

My cheesy chicken. A piece of chicken top with ham, tomatoes and cheese. Lots and lots of cheese. Not bad la..

Hong's Baked Salmon with orange lemon butter sauce? ahhaha forgot ady. Hmm...very nice la i think...

Desmond's Baked Ham Steak or something, A very thick piece of ham that looks like a piece of bread hahaha

The thing is, most of the food is baked instead of being deep fried, HOWEVER, the cheese on top of the food equalize the fatness of it as well... -___-

I actually love the garlic bread the most. It's really crispy at the side and soft at the middle. And smells so so nice!!!!!!

Second recommendation, Mee Goreng/Rebus at Siam Road. It's at a location that is goes unnoticeable yet we penangite uses it so many times. It's at pulau tikus also, next to the police station.

I find it really nice. and i must state that i normally don't like mee rebus because i can't take spicy food. For less than RM4, u get a big plate of very nice mee goreng with alot of sotongs and other ingredients.

Yesterday afternoon, me and DivaLisa took Jazz to the vet and groomer. Here's JAZZ taking a ride in my sister new ride, looking cute and adorable as always. :) :) :)

Just like a little lioness...

Damn it, tomoro is Monday again. Damnit damnit damnit damnit..... +____________+

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