Tuesday, June 17, 2008
Did i get your attention now?
I found out that once one changes their status be it on Facebook or Friendster (still got meh?) or put some misleading captions on their MSN...

Alot of friends that were once speaking friends but now turn into just another contact, will send you a msg out of the blue(actually no, they want to acknowledge their existence)..can be as simply hinting one as

"WUuuuuooooooo" *eyebrows moving up and down*


"Wau! I noticed you are attached finally? Who issit? From where wan? Working or studying...etc etc etc" Well, you get the drift -_-

Especially when the status changes on facebook.... You'll wonder, WHEN was it exactly did I last spoke with this person. Seems like, a someone in your life could grab their attention towards you faster than screaming at the top of your lungs, waving a flaming branch at them. -___-

This can be a good news...provided you are one attention deficiency whore... or it can be as simply as unwanted attention for low profile ppl yet an action sometimes need to be taken in order to give some affirmation.

Actually all the above is just a pile of bullshit, the message of the whole post is that:-

Facebook is actually a very good public announcement service. HAHAHAHA Save you the embarrassment sometimes.

Godiva chocolate, the one that I chooses to pass in Birmingham last year but it seems to find its way to my tummy afterall :)

It's already halfway pass the week!

1 loud cheer for surviving it !!!! WOOHOOO!!


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