Saturday, June 21, 2008
Photos Log
Pictures taken with my phone on a random Thursday afternoon after work.

#1 - On the way to get my car, and then i realize, Wow...Penang skies are really nice too :) To justify that comment, i have always love to look at the skies when i was in Sheffield because it's not glaring and not hot. Clouds often form very pleasing shapes to look and be dreamy :)

#2 - A photo i took on the way back to uni from The Moor last year. I was admiring the skies too -__-

#3 - Water wastage, pipe burst and water flowing everywhere. Haiz, global warming. everything can blame on that hahaha

#4 - Cupcake breakfast that Florence gave me. Very sweet though...HAhaha Thanks flo...

#5 - A small coffee shop that used to be just a burger stall. Now it's a full fledged operating coffee shop. Why is no one is stopping them wan le? Shouldn't this be illegal? Somemore it's at a junction.

#6 - Baby Jaz that kena scissored! Hahaha.. Look at her lioness head, fat body and twiggy leg.

Off to KL now. Toodles !


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