Friday, June 27, 2008
When photos speaks for "itselves"
My week in photo again.

Akibat engrish not good and time constraint. Dahlah, not my engrish was good at any point of time also ahhaha.

My employer must be paying some "colleague" very well to be able to afford such nice ride. Hmm...why all that i can afford is a Kenari that's still belong to be bank T__T

The ratty-tatty flats that i love so much. It had been to as many places as i have been. Bought it for a cheap 8 or 6pd from Primark, Blackpool and it had since step on spain, portugal, most of GB, venice and dubai's soil. cool travel companion huh...

Lunch buddies(tiga sekawan) that will soon become travel buddies too :D

It had been years in words that we wanted to go somewhere together but now, NOW, finally, we are putting our words into actions. Scandalious during lunchtime today ~ 2nd round for them.

*Don't be cheated by their cute and innocent looks! They have been plotting to rob my belongings off me hours before lunchtime. Why am i blessed with such loving and attentive friends? they know what i have or don't have -__- )

Last weekend was spend in KL catching up with friends from random channel. First up, CLong. The usual "what do you wanna eat?" came up and took us for a ride from mutiara damansar to "damansara phileo area, the place around HELP college" to Jln Raja Chulan! The RM2.70/L petrol wasting ride brought us to Palate Palatte. The much spoken place for junkyard sale among fashionistas.

The enviroment, no doubt, was fab. The food did not live up to my expectation at all. The passionfruit juice was bland. The fish and chips, er..just rename it as fish fingers and chips la... I know the photo is blur and dark but i like

Other than that, the place is still worth a visit. Quirky designs.

I think all the chairs there are different. The one an auntie was sitting on actually has a pair of white wings. Woo.. i like tat one.

The met up of the randoms at the apartment(kl hangout places are so domesticated ie laundry). Blogger vs lawyer.

I bought lamb shank for Christal's birthday present. In exchange for my kindness, i got the last necklace available in Topshop that i love, at my own expensese of course.

Last day in KL was not spend in vain. DivaLisa, Raymond, Audrey and me went into a battle mode with our stomach. We went JOGOYA! muahahaha. Goal was simple: Stuff ourselves silly :)

If anyone is still reading at this point, why, thank you :)

Other than eating, I'm also filling up my time by reading the blog of the current man of my life.

I've been listening to his sweet voice day in and out, i know all his songs by heart <3>

I never knew such person still exist in the world now.

I'm off to KL once again, with my trusty backpack :) Have a great weekend!!

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