Wednesday, July 02, 2008
I love my friends!
Although they are extremely lame at most time. they are those people that always light up my life without fail.

This is what we, working professionals adults did today :) :)

Nidnoi eh noi ah (thai friend's name)
Noisy eh sy ah
Sy tai eh tai (mayat)
Tai kam eh kam (eunuch)
Kam kwai fei eh fei (no need translate)
Fei chai ka chai ( mat rempit)
Chai sim eh sim (vege)
Simple eh ple ah
Puh-lease eh lease (American lingo, yo!)
Liz clairborne eh borne ( a brand)
Bourne ultimatum eh tum ah
Tumbler eh ler ah
Lelaki eh ki ah
Kikilala eh la ah
La La La La La Bamba eh ba ah (song)
Balitung eh tung ah (siput)
Tongkat ali eh li ah
Lee Ling Jang eh Jang ah (name)
Junk food eh food
Food poisoning eh ning ah
Ning baizura eh ra (need to explain more meh?)
Ratatouille eh le ah
Economy eh mi ah
Mi goreng ayam tak mau sayur tak mau pedas eh das ah
Dashyat eh shyat
Shut up eh up ah
Upper penang road got a club called Mois and in front of the club got a stall selling lok lok eh lok ah
Lok at the time, it’s 5pm already and it’s time to go home liao, bye bye continue tomorrow eh row ah


No matter how serious we are, we just turn into a mush when we are around the ones we love :)


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